3 NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils & Four Ways To Use Jumbo Pencils + Video Tutorial


3 NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils & Four Ways To Use Jumbo Pencils + Video Tutorial

Hello Everyone

Today I here with A video tutorial on NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils and how to use these in four different ways. I hope you already read my review on all these three shades separately and the individual EOTDs . In case you missed, here are all the three shades-

NYX jumbo pencil reviews

About NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils-

NYX Cosmetics describes these eye pencils as:

‘A radiant eye liner that also doubles as an eye shadow. Made with a blend of mineral oil and powder, our creamy Jumbo Eye Pencils glide on effortlessly—no pulling, tugging or fading—and come in a rainbow of vivid hues. Our most voluptuous pencil yet! ‘

Price- $4.50

Buy NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils from Flipkart.com here

These are available on Strawberry.net and they keep coming with many discounts from time to time. Usually, whenever I shop from them, I add few shades from the 32 shade range of eye pencils to my cart. I already had 3-4 shades of these jumbo eye pencils when they were newly launched some 2-3 years back. 🙂

nyx jumbo pencil blue 632

As I have already reviewed these shades individually, I am not going into much details about these again except for that these pencils are very creamy and glide smoothly on the eyes without much effort.

These Jumbo Eye Pencils can be used on the eyes for creating different eye looks and here I am sharing four different ways in which one can use these eye pencils!

So, just watch the easy video tutorial quickly once and get to know the four ways in which you can flaunt the lovely shades of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils! 🙂

As a Base Eye Shadow-

The shade I am using for a base eye shadow is Cobalt and it is very creamy and glides beautifully on the lids. It works as a great base and the color pops out really beautifully on this creamy eye pencil. Since there is a little issue with creasing of the shade on eye lids, so have used a  deep blue eye shade from MAC to set the eye shadow and make it stay put for longer duration and it comes out to look really well.

In the corner of the eyes & As Highlighter Shade

The other way to use jumbo pencil is by using it in the inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone area to make it work as a highlighter shade. The shade I am using for highlighter is Pots & Pans Casseroles. Blending the highlighter shade is a must to make the shade on the eye lids stand-out beautifully and will prevent the shade from creasing.

On the Waterline

One can also use these jumbo pencils on the lower & upper lash line along with waterline as they are very safe to be used there too. I have attempted to show all the ways in the video tutorial! I have used the shade in Peacock on my waterline!

As an eye liner

Another easy way to use Jumbo eye pencil is as an eye liner on the upper lash line. Since the tip is broad you will get a thick liner on the eyes, so if you wish to get a thin line, use an eye liner brush for that! This will look beautiful on any given day.

Well, these were some of the ways I have tried to create a look for the eyes with these jumbo pencils. I hope you like them!

Have you tried NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils?

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