3 Simple & Cute Every Day Nail Art Designs


Hello beautiful ladies 🙂

Hope everyone is doing great……

Here are some nail art designs I tried recently….

Polka dots on white French manicure.

French Manicure white and black polka dot nail art+Polka dot nail art +nail art design


Valentine’s Day Nail Art

This I  did on valentines day 🙂 believe me making a heart was much easier than what I thought…… 🙂


Heart Nail Art+valentine ; nail art+love nail art+ nail art when on date



And lastly…..

I tried doing the water nail art…….

I personally didn’t like it that much cuz all of them came out to be different  from each other 😛

What do you think isn’t it a little weird 🙂

Marble nail art tutorial+Marble nail art tutorial+water nail art



Marble nail art



Have a great week ahead 🙂

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  1. Ohh those r soooo cute.. My nails r very good to try nail art..but unfortunately i don get much time to get creative with moi nails! wud love to try ’em thou :beauty: :inlove: :yes:

  2. Mish!! Ur soooo talented!!! I dunno which t pick as my fav!! I like all 3…m loving the 1st one the most I think…it looks classy yet cute 🙂

  3. You have done them so neatly Misha! and these are so not easy for clumsy ppl like me. I wld find it very hard to even get the dots right in the first one!

    And the 3rd one reminds me of alpenliebe strawberry lollipops 😀


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