3 Simple Nail Art Designs Pictures


Hello Ladies  πŸ™‚
Its been long since I shared any nail art designs  so here are a few I tried recently:)

Tried making few strawberries on my nail tips so names it as Strawberry nail art design

Strawberry nail art pictures


Strawberry nail art  design +Nail art pictures strawberry nail art

I used these nail polishes for this design

VOV nail paints salley hassen nail paint

Then there is Gold gradient nails


Gradiant nail paint tutorials



Gradiant nail paint tutorial golden


Used following nail polishes for it

Gradiant nail paint tutorials nail paints

Zebra print french tip


Black and white nail art tutorial zebra print tips on my nails

Used following nail paints for the above design


Nail paints and nail art tools


Hope you all like it πŸ™‚


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  1. Amisha you are soo gooooooood at this….OMG its so clean, beautiful and very very pro !!!! I want too have strawberries RIGHT NOW !!!

    And what did you use Acrylic colour for?is it the black colour?


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