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Colorbar USA is a branded company that is ruling the market right now with their affordable and high-quality products. This brand is omnipresent both online and offline and is a hot favourite among many. They have both affordable and high-end products in their range that is really a good point as it caters to every group of buyers. Recently, Colorbar is on a launching spree and has launched a variety of new products right from foundations to eyeliners to lip and cheek stain crayons and what not! And so, one post had to be fully dedicated to it.

25 new launches from Colorbar:

Colorbar Amino Skin Radiance Foundation:

Colorbar Amino Skin Radiant Foundation new

These are the latest launch from Colorbar in the foundation category. This had 8 shades in them which enables every skin tone to find their perfect match.

Colorbar USA amino skin radiant foundation hand swatches

(From left to right)

Beige mild: This is a shade which will suit most of the medium skin tones with a visible yellow undertone.

Petal fair: This is the least suitable shade for Indian skin tones as this will suit only those skin tones that have a very pink undertone to it.

Ivory fair: This is neutral undertone colour that will go with fair to medium skin tone.

Rose Mild: This colour is again with visible pink undertones which will suit very fair skin tones.

Colorbar amino skin radiant foundation hand swatches

Here there are 4 shades:

(From left to right)

  • Peal medium: This is for fair skin types with a very pinkish undertone.
  • Lotus deep: This is for very fair skin types with pink undertones.
  • Golden deep: This is for medium to deeper skin tones with very warm undertones. Dusky skin tones can try out this colour too.
  • Sand medium: This is for fair to medium skin tones with warm undertones.

Colorbar All-matte eyeliners:

Colorbar all Matte eyeliner

These are the matte eyeliner range from Colorbar with 4 colours in their kitty. These are long lasting, matte and smudge proof. These liners are perfect for all matte lovers.

Colorbar All Matte eyeliner Hand swatch

Available in 4 vibrant colours – (from top to bottom)

Colorbar 24 hours Infinite eyeliner:

Colorbar infinite 24 Hrs eye liner

These eyeliners have a glossy finish and are super long lasting. These eyeliners are available in 4 colours – Black, Brown, Green and blue.

colorbar infinite 24 hrs eyeliner hand swatch

Available in 4 vibrant colours – (from top to bottom)

Colorbar melted crystal eyeliner:

Colorbar Melted crystal eyeliner

These are available in 4 shades. These have visible shimmer or glitter in it which is absolutely gorgeous for a night time makeup look or some traditional occassion look.

Colorbar Melted crystal eyeliner swatches

Available in 4 shades:

  • Crystal black: Perfect black colour
  • Crystal overloaded: It is a brown colour
  • Crystal blue: It is a blue colour with shimmer
  • Crystal green: It is a shimmery green colour

Colorbar Mesmereyes Kajal:

Colorbar Mesmereyes Kajal

This is a highly pigmented kajal that lasts long on your eyes. This is completely matte and lasts long for 7-8 hours even on your waterliner.

Colorbar Mesmereyes Kajal Black rose swatch

This is available in only one colour – pure black.

Colorbar Just Smoky eyes kajal:

Colorbar Just smoky Kajal shades

This is a smoky eyes kajal which can be used for that smoky eye look. These are available in 7 shades – Just green, Just black, Just electra, Just teal, Just Blue, Just brown, Just grey.

Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal swatches

Shades from left to right:

  • Just green – This is a black based green
  • Just black – This is charcoal black
  • Just Electra – One of the most popular colours cobalt blue
  • Just teal -One of the popular colours mixture of green and blue
  • just blue – Black based blue
  • just brown – Pure brown
  • Just grey – Pure grey

Colorbar Lip and Cheek Stick:

Colorbar All Day Lip & Cheek Blush Stick

These are available in 4 colours – Coral, Rose Gold, Orange Amber, Pink Sugar. This is a lip cum cheek stain stick that goes well both as a blush and a lip colour.

Colorbar all day lip and cheek blush stick swatch

The colour are described (from left to right)


This is a pink based coral colour that will go with fair to medium skin tones.

Rose Gold:

This colour has a shimmery base to it with a beige touch. This can act as a highlighter too. But I really wonder if it will suit medium to deeper skin tones!

Orange amber:

This a warm orange colour that will go with any skin tone. This will look fabulous with Indian skin tones especially in Summers.

Pink Sugar:

This is a blue based barbie pink kind of colour which will suit fair skin tones.

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