30 Day Shaving Challenge #Day 15: Shaving Myths Busted


Day 15: Shaving Myths Busted

Hello Everyone, How are you all? I hope you all remember that few days back I went to the Gillette Venus event and took up the 30 days shaving challenge, wherein I would be totally relying upon shaving as the sole method to remove unwanted hair from body. I have already shared my 7 days experience and today I shall be sharing my 15th day experience which covers details about my 15 days experience.

gillette venus shaving 7th day experience

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Shaving Challenge

Over the 15 days period of time I have observed that shaving is a quick and easy method for hair removal which indeed can be your savior at times of emergencies. Of course we all have had moments in our life when we want to dress in a particular dress for a specific event but the hair on body and lack of time compels us to either change our plans or a our dresses. But with shaving this won’t be your story, you can get your body ready for your favorite dress within few minutes at the ease of your home. Gillette Venus razor also gives us an option to shave either dry or wet, depending upon personal preference, which adds more to ease of usage.

Well coming to my 15 days experience, I have a strong feeling that I may really completely take up shaving as the only method for hair removal, considering how easy it is to use and has no side effects.

gillette venus shaving kit 7thday experience

Yes, shaving has no side effects. There were many myths associated with shaving, but over the course of 15 day period, I have observed that it is not shaving that has side effects but it is actually the way of shaving and the products used that have side effects. With proper shaving, mu skin has stayed the way it is with no variations in skin color, texture or hair. Rather shaving made my life easy. Below are few myths that I believe are busted with my 15 days shaving experience.

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Shaving Myths Busted

There are many myths that prevail in regard with Shaving, which of course have made shaving a lesser preferred method of hair removal, however these are not facts and there are no such side effects. The common myths associated with shaving are:

Shaving makes hair thick:

There is no such thing that happens. Shaving does not make hair thick. It is just that new hair may feel very slightly prickly but that does happen with every mode of hair removal be it threading or waxing, so why blame shaving for that.

Shaving darkens the skin:

It is a very common myth that prevails. Shaving does not makes skin patchy or dark, it is just the dead skin that layers up and makes skin dark & patchy over a period of time. To avoid this we must scrub our body and sensitive skin areas twice or thrice a week. It is not about shaving but we need to scrub even if we do waxing, in fact even if we do not do use any mode of hair removal, we must scrub twice or thrice a week to avoid layering of dead skin cells.

shaving underarm area

Shaving gives ingrown hair:

Any hair removal mode may give ingrown hair. Scrubbing not only removes dead skin cells but it also prevents ingrown hair, which at times are a difficult thing to tackle with. So to avoid ingrown hair, scrub your skin at least twice a week.

Shaving makes hair dark:

That is another big myth associated with shaving. Shaving does not at all change hair color or texture, and when I say this, I say it with personal experience.

So far this is all that I have experienced. I so far have not had any side effects due to shaving and believe that all these myths are busted with my 15 days of shaving experience.

Have you had any side effects with shaving?

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