30 Kryolan Lip Product Swatches You Should Not Miss


30 Kryolan Lip Product Swatches You Should Not Miss


Kryolan is one of the most preferred makeup brand by professionals all over the world. The brand has an experience of more than 66 years in the industry. They have a superb range of products that cater to needs of not only professionals but also each and every makeup lover.

We brought to you the Kryolan swatch marathon and now for your ease, we have compiled all lip product swatches at one place 🙂

11 Kryolan Lip N Cheek Stain Swatches


Kryolan lip stain shades and swatches


Price- INR 500

Lip N Cheek stain is a water-resistant cream that colors lips and cheeks with a natural touch. Fressia is a perfect nude shade which won’t wash out the dusky skin tones for sure. The shade lotus appeals more towards being neon pink and looks very vibrant upon application. Lily shade is more inclined towards being a perfect coral pink shade. Hibiscus is a lighter shade of coral pink. Petunia is a brighter version of Lily and looks more appropriate for fair skin tones.


Kryolan poppy orchid tulip


Amaryllis is a subtle light orange shade which is not bright and tones down to being a coral orange shade. Poppy is a vibrant mix of red and orange shades and looks even brighter upon application. Dahlia is a perfect red shade with slight undertones of orange shade and will suit all skin tones. Rose is a deep red shade of lip stain. Tulip will suit all complexions equally well. Orchid shade is similar to plum shade and it is a completely different shade.

7 Kryolan Lip Stain Swatches


kryolan lip stains swatches-001


Price- INR 1000

Lip Stain is a matte,color intense , long lasting and smudge proof lip fluid. These lip stains are housed in long cylindrical slender lip gloss bottles. The transparent glass packaging makes it easy to know the exact shade very easily. A silver cap is enclosed on these cute looking lip stains. The shade name is described at the bottom of the glass tube.




Rock is an intense shade of red. Pop is right neon pink shade which looks very vibrant upon application. Gospel is a mix of nude and light brown shade which gives the natural look to the lips making them look fuller. The finish is superb and looks great on the lips. Punk is a plum pink shade. Swing is a light baby pink shade. Dance shade is mauve pink shade which is towards being a neutral shade. Latin looks a perfect nude shade and gives you a MLBB shade of lip stain.

12 Kryolan Professional Makeup Face Liners Swatches


kryolan lip liner shade 31 and 40


Price- INR 500

Faceliner is a newly formulated pencil for application on eyes and lips. With a soft texture for delicate application, Faceliner is both gentle and incredibly durable. These faceliners are typical pencil liners which almost every brand has come up with nowadays. Only thing which separates Kryolan is that these liners are usable both for the eyes as well as lips. The pencil is 17.5 cm long and slender with the brand name inscribed at the bottom of it.


kryolan lip liner face liner shade 23 50


There is a silver cap to protect the tip of the pencils from breakage. There is no sharpener provided.

This range has every shade of the colour palette. You will get shades like white, nude, black and red to name a few.

Have you tried any these Kryolan products?

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