30 Makeup Tips for Makeup Beginners


30 Makeup Tips for Makeup Beginners


Makeup resides in the heart and soul of every woman and I find it really fascinating that each of them has a unique style and opinion about the intoxicating makeup world.

So, all you gorgeous girls out there who have recently got on the bandwagon of makeup addiction or simply can’t resist makeup before stepping out, here are some basic tips about makeup so as to increase your knowledge about makeup and get you all acquainted with the right techniques of makeup.


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This post focuses on the essentials of basic makeup, so for your ease in understanding, makeup tips for eyes, face, cheeks, lips and makeup accessories will be explained separately. So, let’s start with firstly the tools of makeup.

Tips for Makeup Tools for Beginners

Makeup tools are important as the cosmetics as they can make remarkable difference in the makeup application and it’s after effects.


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  • Firstly, a good brush set in your kitty is the best thing to start off, so invest in a good quality brush set which at least comprises of eye shadow, eyebrow brush, eyeliner brush, blusher/bronzer brush.
  • The bristles of the brush should be soft so that the makeup application gives a blended and natural look.
  • Apart from makeup brushes, keep space for a good sponges of puffs so that if you are not satisfied with the brush application, these sponges and puffs can easily serve your purpose.
  • Always keep a set of tweezers handy in your makeup kit so that last minute invitations can also be attended without visiting the parlor to get your eyebrows groomed.
  • It is necessary to keep the makeup tools and other accessories in an organized and hygienic manner.
  • Keep your brushes clean and dust free so that the quality of the brushes doesn’t gets affected with these factors.

Tips for Face Makeup for Beginners

Face makeup is an elaborate application area and covers under-eye concealing, applying foundation, and powder.


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  • It is important to choose the right formula of foundation depending upon the type of skin. There are different types of foundations like stick foundation, tinted moisturized foundation, high coverage liquid foundation, powder/ mineral foundation which can be chosen which suit your skin type.
  • For under eye concealing, choose a shade lighter than your foundation so that it blends well and lightens the dark circles and perfectly matches your foundation shade.
  • The best foundation shade is that which just matches your skin and it doesn’t looks like anything is applied.
  • It is essential to opt for a yellow based foundation as majority of women have yellow undertones in their skin. Choose the foundation shade in natural light and always test it several times on your face, between the nose and the side of the cheeks.
  • Ideally, a stick foundation which is lighter than your skin tone can be used for under eye concealing.
  • The use of pressed powders is the best for touch ups as they look very natural. Alternately, loose powders can also be used as they provide more coverage.

Tips for Cheek Makeup for Beginners

Using a blusher to give a beautiful hint of natural blushing on the face is also very eye-catching.


cheek makeup beginners guide


  • Always pick blush shades which compliment your skin tone.
  • Blushes are also chosen based on the type of skin like cream blushes, powder blushes, cheek tints etc.
  • Blush should always be applied on the apples of the cheek and then gentle strokes towards the hairline to soften the look.
  • Cream blushes are best for smooth skin while powder blush is good for textured & blemished skin.
  • Cream blushes can be applied by fingers, blush brush & sponge.
  • For the best blush application, smile and then apply the blush to the apple bones and blend thoroughly to give a natural look to the face.

Tips for Eye Makeup for Beginners

Eye makeup is essentially done to enhance the beauty of eyes and make them stand out giving a more beautiful look to the face.

  • Firstly it is essential to groom your eyebrows to get that perfect makeup for the eyes.
  • After the tweezing and having the perfect shape of eyebrows, apply a brow pencil to fill the eyebrow and make them look fuller.


eyemakeup beginners guide


  • Eye shadow colors should be chosen which suit your face depending upon the color of your eyes.
  • A light shade of eye shadow should be applied which covers the entire eyelid up to the brow bone. This is an ideal shade for women who prefer a natural clean eye look. After this apply a deeper tone eye shadow on the lids to the outer corner of the eye and blend it thoroughly.
  • Eyeliners are used to define the shape of the eyes and make them appear larger. It can be applied on both the lash lines depending upon the kind of look you want or which suits your face.


eye makeup tips


  • Lastly, the eyelashes which are very dominant in creating a gorgeous look for the eye are made to stand out with a sweep of mascara and an eye lash curler.

Tips for Lip Makeup for Beginners

Lip makeup is one of the simplest makeup things known to women and is a fantastic way to change a look.

  • Depending on the color of your lips, choose those shades which would go well with your complexion.


lip makeup tips


  • There are different formulations of lip color available like matte, sheer, lip stains, lip tint, lip gloss etc which are suitable for different textured lips.
  • Firstly use a lip liner to line your natural lip line so that lipstick is applied within the lines.


lip makeup beginners guide


  • Lip gloss application is advised for those who wish their lips to look fuller & pouty.
  • Lip stains tend to give a more natural look than the lipsticks, so it can also be chosen for beginners.
  • For pigmented lips, it is important to choose those lip colors which hide out the pigmentation and make them look beautiful.


lip makeup guide


Do you have more tips to share with the beginners?

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  1. Very useful post. I have a query: what shades of eyeshadow will give that ‘clean eye’ look in medium complexion? eg. i use lotus purestay foundation in royal ivory. Could you suggest an eyeshadow from any drugstore brand?

  2. very usefull tips… can u pls suggest the techniques of applying eye shadow… after trying n trying i still cant get dis art right…i end up lukin like a dracula… pls help

  3. Hello Dimple…it is important to choose only those shades of eye shadow will will look good on your complexion otherwise eye makeup can really look horrible.
    Try to follow the eye makeup tips of this post and practice it many times..you will surely learn it with time..:)


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