30 Ways To Reduce Wrinkles And Keep Your Skin Young


30 Ways To Reduce Wrinkles And Keep Your Skin Young

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Mirror, mirror on my wall

Tell me what do I do when my youth is gone?

When was the last time you actually loved staring at the lady in the mirror? Or wait, was it 6 months back or may be a year back since you touched 30? Are you really scared to even look at this once-upon-a-time lovely woman on the mirror? What caused you to stop loving her? The wrinkles or the puffy eyes?

Growing stress and pollution has led us women to get aged much before our biological years. Years of exposure to junk foods, pollution, anxiety, and stress lead to a gradual deterioration of our skin condition. You might have noticed as young as 25 and getting creases not only on their faces but also their necks, shoulders and elbow areas as well.

But you never need to lose heart at all at this. For here we are, your friend, philosopher and guide with some of the quirkiest tips for you to stop wrinkling of your pre-maturely aging skin.

To start with, good habits first and bad habits last. Yes, if you are in the habit of frequent smoking then kick this habit right now. Smoking causes pre-mature aging of your skin cells, in turn leading to getting creases on your skin. Hence you need to quit smoking right away.

  1. And now start instilling some fresh, healthy habits beautiful! Why not start with yoga? Yes, the craze all around the globe for yoga is not just a trend. One of the many reasons for more and more women taking onto yoga is that yoga lends you with a healthy, fresh and young skin. Try the new yoga trend- the face yoga trend which is said to relieve the face from all kinds of stress and thus denotes a fresher look to the face.


2. Let’s continue to the day with some healthy food habits. Once you are on the verge of touching 30, start including food that include anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are highly responsible for cleansing dead cells that bring wrinkles on our face

3. Learn to be gentle to your skin. Exposing the face to more than required water strips the face off its natural oils leading to faster degeneration of the skin cells

4. Use moisturizers for your face daily. They keep your face moist thus slowing down the degeneration of skin cells.

patanjali moisturizer cream

5. Try to avoid sugar. Yes, sugar accelerates the aging process and hence you must avoid taking in too much of sugar in your diet.

6. Whenever out in the sun, never forget to put on sunscreen. They contain more than just spf factors. They prevent the sun tan to damage your skin cells.

7. Try to include fishes such as salmon and tuna in your diet. They are rich in anti-oxidants and also contain minerals responsible for rejuvenating your skin cells.

8. Always keep your body hydrated. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Hydration is very necessary for the skin cells, thus, it keeps your skin cells away from aging pre maturely.


9. Try to use natural remedies at home. Use natural alpha hydroxyl acid on your face. You can get it from lemon, papaya, or lime peels.

10.Gorge on food rich in Vitamin D- natural and supplements. They play a hug role in skin cell maintenance and also slow down the aging process.

11. Try to get ample of sleep. At this age, you need at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep. Good sleep stops the pre-mature aging process and also relieves your skin of too much stress.

12. Do not apply too much of make-up on your face. And when you do, never forget to cleanse you face before you go to bed. Allow you facial skin to breathe.


13. Do not leave eye-make up or kohl over your eyes for days. Always cleanse them every day. Un-cleansed kohl causes eye-bags and also causes skin to get creased.

14. Always put on sunglasses when out in the skin. They cover the primary part of your facial area thus avoiding harsh exposure to the sun.

15. Eat more of beans and lentils. They are beneficial for your biological aging as well as provide nutrition to your skin cells and keep them hydrated.

16.Try to start green tea rather than gulping on cups of mocha and cappuccino. Coffee tends to shrink your skin cells. Hence avoid it as much as you can. Green tea provides anti-oxidants to your skin cells.

uses of green-tea

17. Include more of olive oil and less of mayonnaise in your diet. This dietary fat is highly essential for you.

18. Stop being a couch potato and cut down on your television time. Rather listen to some soothing music. Television rays tend to destroy your skin cells slowly but harshly over the years.

19. Forget the artificial food grains rather start eating whole intact food grains. They are highly essential in reviving your skin health after 30.

20.Rather than gulping on pasta with mayonnaise for your evening snack, start taking nuts. Not only they provide nutrition to your skin and hair but also make you feel full for a longer time.

nuts for skin

21. Instead of the regular scotch or whisky, try red wine. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps rejuvenate your skin cells.

22. If you are taking processed carbohydrates, then stop them right away. As sugar, they too cause premature aging of your skin cells.

23.Stop intake of milk and dairy products. They cause several skin problems and cause pre-mature aging of the skin cells.

24.Try to stay away from processed meat as much as you can.

25.Also start including coconut oil in your culinary arena. Coconut oil contain fatty acids which are quite essential for your health.

coconut and curry leaf oil

27. Do not over eat. Yes, you are too mature to avoid yourself from over eating and stuffing yourself.

28. Try some good cardio exercise for weight loss. Be sure that you do not gain too much of weight which is not healthy for you at 30.

29.Do not go to bed late and rise up early. Yes a proper sleep routine relieves you of stress and helps stay young naturally.

30. Always come out of your depressions and stress. They cause damage internally. Hence avoid taking on too much stress and try to remain happy all the time.

Here is a video on how to prevent wrinkles with the help of facial massage.



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