My 4 Best Foundations That Photograph Well


Ok guys let me present two scenarios:

Scene 1:  You are off for a wedding reception and you’ve done your own make-up and have on you, your best foundation, compact, matching lipstick and killer eye make-up.  You posed for the shutter bugs all evening and came home rather pleased with yourself because of the make-up you had on.   D-day and you’ve been pestering your friend for the photos and when you finally see them you get the shock of your life!

Your face looks ghastly because of the white cast left by the foundation you wore!

Scene 2: You are a blogger and you are planning for the FOTD for your post.  So you’re all set to start clicking, thinking that your make-up is fantastic but after taking 100’s of pictures with your camera not a single photo does justice to your make-up.

Things just don’t add up!  This often happens when you are taking out self-portraits for Facebook as well.

2012 and some thousand pictures later, I’ve zeroed in on four of my best foundations that give me that photogenic edge!

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup

  • Price: 1,900 INR
  • Quantity: 30 ml

4 foundations that photograph well+Clinique superblendable and maybelline dream liquid mousse

This liquid foundation is silky upon application and gives minimum to moderate coverage and blends into the skin nicely giving you a natural and dewy complexion.  Now this product works great for every day foundation.

You will need to use a concealer with this foundation if you have pigmented skin.

I prefer it in winters the most because it makes my face really oily in summer and exposure in the sun makes my face sweat like anything.  There are 22 shades to choose from and along with the help of the Clinique S.A. you will not go wrong.  This photogenic foundation is available in 22 colours and for 3 skin types Very Dry to Dry, Dry Combination and Combination Oily.  It does not contain any SPF.  Read a detailed review HERE

Maybelline – Dream Liquid Mousse

  • Price: INR 575
  • Quantity: 30 ml

This foundation is another one that photographs really well.  I have been using it on face for most of my colorbar lipstick posts.  It has a soft texture and gives one that flawless finish.  Coverage can be built and with the help of a brush, it really does give that air brushed look.

This can be bracketed under budget make-up, so if you are on a bit of a tight leash and want to photograph well then it’s a nice to have foundation that will suit both your pocket and your face!  You can read a detailed review HERE

Revlon Colorstay Foundation

  • Price: Rs 745
  • Quantity: 30ml

4 foundations that photograph well+Revlon Colorstay Foundation

I think all of us are familiar with Revlon Colorstay Foundation.  It gives the skin a real fresh look without that cakey residue.  It is sspecially formulated for combination or oily skin, this oil-free formula helps control shine all day.  It does not cause any breakouts and does not cause any sweating of the face.  The only sad part is that there are only 6 shades so one has to be lucky enough to find their perfect match.  It is said that foundations that do not contain SPF allow for good photographs.

Revlon colourstay has SPF 6 which is almost negligible I believe.  You can read the detailed review HERE.

Makeup Studio Face It Cream Foundation:-

  • Price: 900
  • Quantity: 20ml

4 foundations that photograph well+makeup Studio Face It Cream Foundation

It is a foundation that gives high coverage and if you have lot of skin problems on your face but still want to photograph well then this foundation will be a good choice for you.  It needs lot of blending as it is creamy and thick  but in terms of photography it is really very good.

Brides with open pores, wrinkles , pigmentation problems  can give this a try for their special day.  This foundation is one that I cannot use everyday because it gives the face a very heavy feel.  Yet this a foundation one must try!

What’s your favourite foundation which photographs well ?Any  foundation which you will recommend me ?

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  1. Awesome! :yes: I’ve been on the look-out for a good foundi n ur post is so timely :yippee: Maybelline mousse sounds nice but am afraid it won’t suit oily skin coz zee mentioned that na? Anyways, i just bought one…let’s see if it works well

  2. Any idea how the Revlon and Maybelline ones compare to the Neutrogena foundation?

    I am looking for something I can use on a daily basis to hide all my acne scars – using concealer with loose powder simply doesn’t work for me

  3. hmm … very nice Ana .. does revlon have a colorstay foundi for dry skin as well ?? and does make-up studio wala has different shades to choose from ??

    • Hey Jan ! i got this foundations two years ago and that time i do remember raevlon having it for dry skin as well..

      and makeup studio has tonnes of shades to chose from.

  4. Studio Fix doesnt work for u? I use it and it photographs well on me. I had an office party, birthday celebration and my skin looks lovely in the pics! I am always worried about the pics :(! Photoready would also be a good choice no? I wanna try Colorstay but the shade selection is so so less. in US they have around 20 shades!

  5. Revlon Colorstay is definitely one of the best that has worked well on me…and so is Lakme Absolute Mousse….I have combination skin…Used to be Oily while in Mumbai….It changed with age and climate!!!!

  6. i have revlon foundation but just cant work with it…i have a problem with foundations…i have now given up on them…
    i have tried with primers (nafisa had suggested using them) without them still it becomes dark after a few hours…also applying foundation on the forehead area is a pain…once i am done i find three patches one on forehead the chin looks different and the eye area looks different…
    can anyone please tell whats going wrong???????

    • Hi Bidisha….How do u apply the foundation? I used to have a problem when using fingers to blend. However when i started using a moist sponge, the blending is even and no more patches are left.

      • hey suparna…dnt tell me…tried round brush.flat brush…i have tried sponges given with the compact to aplly foundation…and fingers also…and a combination of all too!!!!!!!

  7. hi anamika…….u read my mind………timely post……..i have tried clinique foundation at the counter and found my perfect match in no 7……..but yes it gives sheer coverage……but i am okay with it as my hubby doesnot like heavy foundations on me…….
    if i ask u to pick only one foundation for me out of clinique,maybelline and revlon………PLZ PICK ONLY ONE. FOR ME….and without any further ado i’ll buy that….`
    And yes i wud also like to know ur take on KRYOLAN ULTRA FLUID FOUNDATION……


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