4 Best Tricks To Correct Your Eyeliner


4 Best Tricks To Correct Your Eyeliner

You may be the perfect makeup artist and can create the finest lines in matter of seconds. But I’m sure that when you are in a hurry, your eyeliner is the most likely step to go haywire. Hurry definitely translates into shaky hands and it doesn’t help if you have to do your eyes all over again. And if you are a makeup novice, you almost always end up with messed up eyeliner whether or not you are in a hurry.

Wiping away all the makeup and redoing it is a nightmare and so you need some sneaky tips that will clean up the mess. You also should be in know of some tricks that prevent any mess.

So here are some of the Best Tricks To Correct Your Eyeliner-

liquid eyeliner tips for beginners

Avoid Eyeliner Mistakes

For beginners, always rest your elbows on a flat surface when applying eyeliner, liquid or any other kind. You can even make your mirror lie flat and rest your chin on the table as well. This will bring the shakes down to almost null.

For creating the perfect winged eyeliner, scotch tape is the best thing to use. Stick it near your eyes in the way you want your wings to be and use it as a guide to apply eyeliner. You can also use visiting card for the purpose but scotch tape is definitely the better way.

Fix with a Cotton Swab

fix eyeliner mistakes

If you end up with an uneven line on your eyes or mistakenly place eyeliner dot on some undesired place, here is how you can correct it. Damp a cotton swab with water or makeup remover. It should not drip just a little damp is needed. Place the swab over the mistake and press gently. Do not move the swab as you will end up removing your eye-shadow. Then take a dry swab and dab it on the spot to dry it up.

Correct The Eyeliner


Colorbar Makeup Stick concealer

Sometimes a light mark is left even after you correct your mistake with a cotton swab. Such mark does not look good and you must correct it before stepping out. Take concealer on a pointed brush and dab it lightly over the discoloration to cover it and you are done.

If you have committed any mistake after eye-shadow then simply layer eye-shadow on the discoloration or layer it after concealing the spot.

Prevent Smudge

Kryolan loose powder reviews translucent +Makeup

Kohl or any other liner on lower lash line is very prone to smudging especially if eyes water a little due to any reason. To prevent the kohl on your lower lash line from smudging, top it with some loose powder. You can do it on upper lash line as well if you are not wearing eye-shadows otherwise eye shadow does the trick.

Did you like these tricks to correct your eyeliner?

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