4 Coffee Face Packs/Products


4 Coffee Face Packs/Products


Most of us love our caffeine fix in the morning whether its tea or coffee. When it comes to coffee, it is much more than a wake-up drink. Coffee is a great exfoliant. It not only removes dead cells but also helps in reducing cellulite. Coffee also has anti-ageing properties. It is a good idea to try coffee recipes for face whether they are home made or readymade. Here is some good coffee-stuff for your face.

The Natures Co Coffee Face Scrub

Price- INR 525


coffee scrub


The scrub is gentle on the skin. It has tiny coffee granules which help in exfoliation and the creamy base and glycerine keep skin soft, supple and moisturised. Scrub will suit almost all types of skin whether dry, oily or combination. It is a thick creamy scrub with small but not harsh coffee granules. It does not cause acne or breakouts. It exfoliates well without making skin greasy. It does not clog pores.

Hiphop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub

Price- INR 50


coffee scrub for face


The texture is creamy, but no too thick. It easily spreads all over. It leaves skin clean and smooth. It does not dry out the skin. The scrub is free from parabens and is not tested on animals. It smells of coffee which is pleasant.

Now lets check out some DIYs using coffee

Coffee & Cocoa Facial Mask



coffee face mask


This face mask is suitable for all skin types and tightens the skin. This yummy face pack is made up of coffee, cocoa, yogurt and honey. The presence of coffee in this mask reduces puffiness and redness. This mask helps in reduction of tan, brightening of dull skin and also removal of blackheads and whiteheads to some extent.

Coffee & Egg Yolk Face Mask



face pack coffee


This mask is made of three ingredients รขโ‚ฌโ€œ coffee, egg yolk and lime juice. Coffee is an anti-oxidant and helps against ageing and reduces puffiness. Egg yolk is ideal for all skin types. It moisturizes skin without making it oily or acne prone. It is also known to reduce acne and make skin smooth and glowing. Lemon juice makes skin appear less oily and gives a bright glow. This pack gives instantly smooth skin.

Do you use coffee for your skin?

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  1. I have Nature’s Co cocoa brush and oh my the smell is such a divine… one must must use it. I fall in love on first sniff at store ๐Ÿ˜€

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