4 Colorbar Melted Crystal Eyeliners Photos & Swatches


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Glitter eyeliners are a trend these days and every big brand is manufacturing some or other glitter eyeliners in their eye makeup range. Colorbar is not far behind and has come up with 4 different shades of glitter eyeliners. And I had to pick it. And I loved how balanced the colour and glitter is! So let’s dig into the shades and see for yourself why I am so loving them.

Colorbar Melted crystal eyeliner

What does the company claim about the eyeliner:

“Take a deep dive into a pool of glitters with this charismatic 24 hrs stay eyeliner. Brilliant colour with sophisticated glitter will surely indulge you in ‘I AM IMPRESSED, GIVE ME MORE’ feeling. Eyeliner contains superfine glitter in a coloured base that dries down quickly, in a fraction of seconds. It contains special ingredient complex that provides intense shine and all day lastingness. This unique water-based formula is waterproof, extremely smudge-proof and sweats proof that can be worn alone due to the deeply pigmented base colour. It lays down pigment between each and every lash for instant tight line eyeliner definition and the look of a fuller lash line. The precise, thin-tipped brush makes it easy to create fine, defined line of sparkle for the perfect party look and date-night drama.”

How to apply it:

  • Draw the line starting from the inner corner of the upper eyelid, continuing to the outer corner, making it slightly thicker as you draw.
  • Lift your chin up, look in the mirror and look down, keeping the eyelid lowered so that you can draw the line easily.
  • For a doe-eyed look, lightly press down on the tip to thicken the line, drawing it out to about one-eighth inch just past the lash line.
  • For a trendy look, use two coordinating colours to draw two lines close together

Colorbar melted crystal eyeliner green


750 INR


2.5 ml


Has shimmer or glitter in it.


Very pigmented and easy to apply.

Staying power:

Stays for long but after some hours, the crystals may look messy


No, it is not due to the crystals.


No, but it is kind of water resistant.



Colorbar Melted crystal eyeliner swatches


The packaging is pretty simple like the other recent launched eyeliners from Colorbar but one thing that is different is the colour coded caps through which we can detect the colour of the liner pretty easily. The liner is quite long and the applicator is really easy to hold on. No information is mentioned on the bottle which is a con but overall I feel the packaging is quite decent.

What I feel about the product:

The eyeliner has a pretty good pigmentation with shimmer or glitter in it. But the glitter particles are not too loud to look messy or bad. Rather it looks quite decent when paired up with a traditional outfit and also for a night time look.

The liner is pretty smooth to glide on and will look very nice on any skin tone. The staying power is quite good considering the presence of glitter. But the liner smudges a lot which is a very big issue and can be a cause of worry for upcoming summer months when we sweat a lot. Moreover, it is not waterproof and this is an issue for summers as well. This glitter eyeliner though looks really pretty, lacks the essential requirements to work in summer.

Watch the full video here:


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