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Hii beauties !
This post is more focused on how to achieve flawless application of eyeliner. I have tried 4 most basic styles of eyeliner. I thought of doing a tutorial for it and share tips and tricks for pulling off these styles 😉

Style 1 :- Regular Eyeliner style 


This is the most easy eyeliner style one does in routine. Following is how you can get this eyeliner style:-

  • Start from picking up small amount of eyeliner on brush; rest your hand on your cheek for steadiness.
  • Place your brush on your inner corner of eye as close to lashes, and start pulling slowly towards the middle of your eye. Note, while pulling the stroke, only your hand should move from one direction to other, but should rest on your cheek for steady application. This will greatly help.
  • Then again get some eyeliner on brush, and rest your hand on cheek, start from the middle of your eye where you left and begin pulling it outwards just where your eyes end 😛 Ta daaaaa….. ! you have created a simple regular eyeliner !

different types of eyeliners

Style-2 :- Rock Chick Style eyeliner

Okay, this is also the most basic style of eyeliner, most common with college going girls. This style has eyeliner/kohl on upper lid and on waterline too. Let’s see, how we can do it:-

  •   This style is the extension of the regular eyeliner. How ?
  • I just added lots of kohl on waterline and bottom lash line. For perfect all day no smudge or flake proof look, go and invest in a gel eyeliner, in this case I’m using Maybelline gel eyeliner in black.
  • Note, while applying the gel eyeliner/ kohl on bottom lash, you might lose steadiness ! not a problem, keep some Q-tips handy and clean unwanted parts. This will also help in achieving the clean stroke.


different style of eyeliners styles

Style 3 :- Winged Eyeliner Style 


This is the most famous style of eyeliner application! Why ? We’ve grown up seeing actresses supporting this style. So for the beginners, this is just an extension of the “regular eyeliner” we did. This is how we can achieve it:-


  • Start from the outer corner of the eye, except we are not extending the eyeliner from the point where we left previously. We are going to start drawing a stroke from the very outer corner inwards (this is the part when you want to decide the length of the winged eyeliner)
  • Therefore, decide a point on the outer corner and from that point, start pulling your brush inwards joining it with the eyeliner we applied before. This will create a slant wing 🙂
  • If you make mistakes, don’t worry remember the “rest your hand on cheek” rule, and re-apply the eyeliner on the base stroke to achieve the best width and neat application you want  🙂 we’re done with the “winged eyeliner” too :yes:


How to apply winged eyeliner


Style 4:- Cleopatra Style Winged eyeliner:-


This one is the extension of the simple winged eyeliner. 🙂 all I did is chose a point farther from the point I chose for the simple winged eyeliner. Let’s see how:-

  • In this case, we can always decide the length of the eyeliner, and that is what makes this style stunning.
  • The basic idea for this eyeliner is the length of the wing, there are no rules, and anyone can adjust the length accordingly.
  • So lengthening from the simple winged eyeliner, I extended the wing from its edge towards my eyebrows in a single stroke with minimalistic product left on brush.
  • Now for the inner corner of the eye, use a small angled brush or a felt tip eyeliner pen to create a small ‘>’. This is the most trickiest part, and only with practice anyone can achieve that right inner V, else you can leave it.

eyeliner makeup+Cleopatra Style Winged eyeliner

All these styles were done one after another; therefore any of you who practice this can follow it step by step or even one at a time, because all styles are extensions of each other. After doing these, I kind of played with the Cleopatra styled winged eyeliner and added some eye shadows 😛 , and this is what the end result was


Lavender eye makeup+different types of eyeliner and ho to apply them

Although it is dramatic, only if you shorten the length of eyeliner, this would be wearable.



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  1. Fabulous… :yes:

    I personally like Rockchic and winged…dont think cleo is for daily wear..i’l look funny for sure .. :silly:

  2. hii shalini, if you have small eyes, instead of filling the waterline with black liner,you can use an off-white eye pencil to fill in you water line, this will make your eyes look big and pretty :lashes: :yes:

  3. haha! mygodd! imagine the profs faces when they open the prac book and see ur eye looks inspired by rihanna! haha! They will be dumbstruck for sure..

  4. Such pretty looks Upasana!! :clap: :clap:
    Im still in the process of getting such definite lines..the gel eyeliner on your lower lasline looks spectacular, any tips on how to get it that prefect??

    • hi keerthi 🙂 well you can achieve the perfect lines by practice and also if you mess a bit then a q-tip with some vaseline on wud help clean :yes: :chic:

  5. Awesome tuts Ups…so many useful tips to learn!!!

    I do the rock-chick for college everyday…but I also do winged I ever have enough time..it takes a lot of precision na!

  6. Good job Upasana…..i do the regular ones mos of the time..at times rock chick…winged is something i need to master although i like them the most.

  7. wow upasana.. all the looks are done very neatly! :yes: i love the rock chic.. always want to do it for college but time to hamesha kam hi rehta hai 😛
    sad that my waterline is too watery! LOL : metaphor 😛 i was wondering if this maybelline liner would really work 😯 :struggle:
    ps- u have very pretty eyes 🙂

  8. I can never get my eyeliner right some how.
    everytime i buy a bottle , it dries up and i throw it away. 🙁
    I think i have to be more patient with it . 🙂

  9. Awesome Upasana…. :yes: :yes: :yes:
    i am floored.. amazing article :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump:


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