4 Fruttini Products I Am Crazy About


4 Fruttini Products I Am Crazy About – It’s so cold here and everyday I think I should skip bathing but only thing which motivates me to indulge in bathing is the four fruttini products which are fruity, sweet and smell delicious.

Why I prefer Fruttini products more than any other band is because of the presence of real fruit extract of each flavour which they have in each product. You can not find anything like this till now in India at least. Most of the times, all you get is fake /artificial fragrance of the products and even worse, now a few popular brands are selling off their expired products in India on sale so I have kind of lost trust in most of them and have shifted my loyalty to Fruttini.

I am listing down few of my current favourites which are as follows:-

1) Fruttini Cranberry Choc Shower cream –

While pouring this shower cream on my loofah, it feels as if I am pouring Hersheys chocolate syrup on it . It has this seductive chocolate and creamy cranberry fragrance which makes showering irresistible. If you are a chocolate lover then you just can’t miss this.

I recently gifted this to one of my friends also, who is a chocoholic and she just loved it. Only thing is its not edible, else it would be getting sold in a bakery shop. Did you just felt the chocolate in your mouth if not then just wait for my review on this shower cream.You can buy it online.

Fruttini shower pelling scrub

Fruttini Cranberry Choc Body Butter:-

I reviewed this in July when it was kind of hot and now its freezing cold. I have been using it on and off throughout the year and its works well on my combination dry skin. It glides into the skin beautifully and makes it smooth and free from dryness.

One tub costs around <>. You can buy it from here and it will last you 4-5 months easily.

Few months back Madhubani asked to recommend her a body butter and I recommended Fruttini to her.She got the Peach pear body butter and she was all praises for it.You can read her full review here  .It costs INR 2125 and you can buy it from here

Body butter Fruttini

Fruttini pineapple Prosecco Shower Peeling Sorbet :

Fruttini Pineapple Prosecco – This one is my go-to product whenever I am travelling. What makes it interesting is that its a body scrub and a shower gel combined into one. I generally take this out in  a small bottle to carry with me. I so wish it was available in small size as well but on the other hand big tube packaging gives me assurance that the product is going to last for a while .I hate it when i spend so much on products and they just finish off as if I bought them yesterday.

This product lathers well with  little water so you don’t need shower gels with this product and on the other hand if you gently rub it on the skin it acts like scrub.Interesting, yummy , effective and with delicious flavour combination.

You can buy it from here

fruttini poduct reviews

Fruttini Raspberry Cream Body scrub –

Fruity sweet fragrance of this scrub is insatiable.It has these fine peeling beads which thoroughly cleanse the skin without leaving any thin layer behind.It’s moisturising and not harsh and the best part is it doesn’t dry out the skin.It costs INR 578 for 200ml which you can get from here. One tube lasts me around two months, it can last more but thing is I just love body scrubs and i use them every alternate days and this one with its amazing fragrance makes it totally worth .

shower gels fruttini

So these are my current favourite Fruttini products which I am totally obsessed about. Do let me know what have you tried in Fruttini and what you like about the brand 🙂


  1. Never try fruttini…… but on your recommendation definitely going to pick something……. I am tempting for those cranberry choco body butter….. with the winters in delhi my I just need only body butters because of winters my skin become so dry…… but anyways love delhi winters with a cuppa of hot chocolate…… lol…..


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