4 Interesting Uses Of Olive Oil


4 Interesting Uses Of Olive Oil

Hello sweeties!

Today I have 4 different and interesting ways you can use the olive oil. Not to mention, we all are very well aware of all the benefits of olive oil. I think it is one oil which is used extensively all around the world along with coconut oil. We use olive in everything. So, today we will make the best of olive oil with these 4 intriguing ways.


olive oil for supple hands


1. For shaving

This one is for your guys! 😉

Olive oil is good for your skin and is also free of the chemical content found in shaving creams. Also, you won’t have to spend time on cleaning up gobs of shaving cream. And, as olive oil is naturally moisturising, you won’t even need an aftershave or any moisturizer. Simply wash your face and apply olive oil instead of shaving cream. I found this as an androgynous usage of olive oil. Even girls who prefer shaving their legs or hands can use this trick to get smooth legs.

2. For removing eye makeup

You don’t have up invest in an expensive eye makeup remover anymore to get rid of that smudge proof liner or kajal. Hold on olive oil soaked cotton ball close to your eyelashes, let it soak in the product and gently remove the makeup. Olive oil will also help stimulate eyelash growth. Tried and tested one it is! In winters I mostly remove my liner and kajal with olive or almond oil.

This moisturises the eyes well and doesn’t irritate.


DIY Hair Mask

3. For removing glue, paint and chewing gun from skin and hair

All my childhood I was paranoid about sticking chewing gum in my hair, I don’t know why and how! 😛 If unfortunately this sort of thing happens with you, dont panic and remember me 😉
Water won’t work, and you often won’t have turpentine or gasoline lying around the house. Simply apply olive oil to the affected area and it will come off quickly.

4. Rescue your dried up gel liner

No need to fret when your super expensive gel liner dries when you haven’t even used half of the content. Just add a drop of olive oil to it, close the gel liner pot tightly and leave it to soak in overnight. In case you are short of time, try this quick fix method- take the lid off, add olive oil and heat up the gel liner for about 30-40 seconds. Be cautious that the mixture doesn’t boil.

Were these tips and uses of olive oil helpful?

Do you know some other interesting way olive oil can be used? Share with us!

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  1. Awesome n pretty unique tips Shivangi 🙂 I have been using olive oil only for removing d eye makeup.. Will try for other stuff as well..

    • Ditto himani 😉 I use olive oil to remove my liner only in winters. Summers m to my oily skin will play havoc if I use olive oil 😛

    • Olive oil is my best friend in winters ruhee. Despite of having oily hair, I always ask my mom to massage my scalp and hair with olive oil. The result is so awesome. Sometimes I don’t even use the moisturizer

  2. Yeah I agree olive oil is absolutely magical when it comes to eye make-up. I usually use my finger tips to apply a little bit of oil on the eyes where make is to be removed (soaking the cotton ball in oil is too much oil for me). And then I use a slightly wet cotton piece to remove the make-up. It comes off like magic. It is really amazing girls.

    I don’t know why would anyone spend on a make-up remover for eyes after they have tried this!


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