4 Lip Makeup Brush Info,Price & Reviews


4 Lip Makeup Brush Info,Price & Reviews – One can ensure precise and uniform application of your favoruite lipstick or gloss by investing in a lip brush.We bring you four lip makeup brushes reviews which are affordable and stays for long.


Sigma Lip Brush L05 Review


Sigma Lip Brush L05:-

  • Price – $10

Unique Feature: Rounded and firm tip

Function: Precise application of color on the lips

Recommended Use: Use the firm edge to define and contour the lips.
This brush comes in a case with a lip brush in it which is almost half of its size.One can place it at the end of the case to make it longer as well.With the help of this brush there will be no chances of your lip brush attracting any kind of germs .

It has synthetic bristles and are soft , gives smooth and precise application which is the most important thing.

While washing the brush there was no shedding of the bristles as such or I should there was nothing specifically noticeable.




Lakme Absolute Precision Lip Brush Review


  • Price: Rs. 350.You can buy it online.

It is the most classy lip brush I have seen till date in terms of packaging. Lakme absolute range has some brilliantly manufactured brushes (with equally brilliant prices though Razz ) this time. There is a foundation brush, face powder brush, eye shader brush and this one- the precision lip brush. They are all packaged in black bodies which are very sturdy and very attractive.






About the Inglot 12S Lip Brush:-

  • Price: INR 880
  • Packaging: This brush comes in a plastic casing and contains both the sections: the brush which is afixed to a wooden base and the metal lid which can also be attached to form a handle for the brush. All in all, its very compact and one can slip it easily into their purse or pockets during travel.
  • Washing & Drying: Thankfully, this brush dries pretty quickly within 4-5hrs. I use conditioner on it as well to keep the bristles soft and smooth.
  • Handling: The brush is quite easy to handle and one has the option of using the brush with the base alone or with the lid which can also be used as a handle.
  • Useability: This brush is quite easy to use but yes, it did taken me a while to get used to since I’d always used the pointed brushes before. It does take a while to get used to it but it’s also more convenient since the flatter brush means more product and faster application.




Body Shop Lipstick & Concealer Brush


Body Shop brushes have better bristles quality than that of QVS or Vega .With constant washing of QVS or Vega brushes  bristles quality keeps reducing down so ultimately one has to change it after some time.Body shop brushes bristles quality is indeed much better than these and they come in medium range.I wont recommend their other brushes which cost above Rs 500 because by adding little more money one can easily buy Sigma brushes which are way better than these.

How I used Body Shop Lipstick & Concealer Brush


  • I prefer a little bigger brush for concealing than this one but that depends upon individual choice.If used for concealing it does takes more time albeit it  works nicely for spot  or blemish concealing.
  • I use it when ever I am wearing dark shades and fear of bleeding of the lipstick is there.It is a must have brush when I wear red lipstick and it works equally well for lining lips.
  • I some time use it for brow filling
  • I have used it as an eyeshadow brush also or taking out cream blushes and apply in dots.
  • I use it for applyling lip glosses as well especially the transparent lip glosses because when I use their applicator it changes the colour of the lipgloss when it goes back into the tube.More so when one is using a lip gloss with a brush I have noticed that  it saves lot of product.
  • With this if you use a lipstick brush then you save on lot of money in applying lipstick because when I use lipstick  directly I apply a thicker layer




Which Lip brush is your favourite?




  1. The Lakme one actually looks the best out of the lot! How awesome is that?
    There is a Real Techniques lip brush in their core line and e.l.f. also has a pretty snazzy precision brush.


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