4 Makeup Tricks Every Girl Should Know




Get Killer cheekbones: Not all cover girls and the beauty pageant winners boast great bone structure. Even they require a bit of help. Make-up experts, say that to get a nice high-cheekbone result, you have to suck your cheeks in and find your cheekbone. After, use a darker shade of blush below your cheekbone and merge up till your temple. End it with a lighter shade of blush, which has a metallic trace for that touch of high-fashion diva. So, the key to get killer cheekbones is to find a blusher that complements your skin tone.

Get the perfect glow
: Most celebs and models follow a healthy/balanced diet, skin-care routine and work out regularly, which invariably result in extraordinary skin. So, exercise is really important for our body as it helps in blood circulation which automatically results in perfect glow of skin.

makeup tricks perfect glow

Many Cosmetic physicians also say Natural oxygen treatments and multi-vitamin mixtures work amazingly on the skin. Dermabrasion and peels are also simple and efficient ways to complete skin-care. But if skin treatments are not your thing, apply concealers on spots and dark circles. Merge it well with your foundation. It’s necessary to blend in the foundation on your neck and any exposed part for an even and flawless look. Don’t forget to follow up the foundation with a compact.


make up tricks sparkling eyes

Get sparkly eyes: The foremost tip is to curl your eyelashes as it accentuates your eyes. Then apply two generous coats of mascara to add volume. Use kohl in the upper inner lid to highlight your eyes. Don’t forget to correct the dark circles with concealers.

make up tricks salon like hairs

Get salon-like hair
: Begin with a great haircut that complements your face type. It’s vital to pick a style that’s easy to maintain after you’ve left the salon. Also, treat your hairs to deep conditioning masks as they help in managing frizzy/dry/dull hairs. They fill the hair with essential moisture, which in turn leaves less possibility for humidity to get trapped in your hair and cause hair troubles.

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  1. yayy thnks to God that i naturally possess :beauty: high cheek bones :beauty: :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :tap-dance: bt i really need a salon haircut vei soon 😀 😀

  2. great tricks Manci.
    I got a salon hair cut, done hair spa but again as Iam nt able to manage my sleek hair.its again the same :-((

  3. good post 🙂 totally agree with the cheek bone thing :yes: I already have quite prominent cheek bones 😀 not so high but a lil highlighter does the trick for me 🙂 and yes highlight also plays an important role in achieving a flawless look


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