4 Must Have Makeup Brushes For Daily Makeup + Video


4 Must Have Makeup Brushes For Daily Makeup

Makeup tends to have tremendous effect on the beauty of a woman unless it is really natural and basic. An overdone makeup attracts only negative compliments from others as you completely defy from what you actually look. Well, on special occasions it is completely okay to go with a deliberate makeup, but it should not be over the top definitely.

foundation brush

We are going to talk mainly about the daily makeup which you tend to wear in your everyday routine. Some women like to go for a basic makeup while others usually like it to be a little detailed.

Before I talk about that, by daily makeup I am not referring to the makeup done by the famous daughter-in-laws shown in the Indian daily soap programs! :-p They are nothing but heavily covered with several layers of makeup! 😉

So, coming to the post, daily makeup is really simple and hardly requires the use of makeup kits or other makeup tools like brushes & sponges. It can be easily done with your fingers itself! 🙂

Coastal Scents 22 piece Brush Set Review+coastal scents brushes set review+best quality makeup brushes for foundation and eye shadowsCoastal Scents 22 piece Brush Set Review+coastal scents brushes set review+best quality makeup brushes for foundation and eye shadows

However, there are still few brushes which will make your task too easy when your going for a daily makeup routine.

Here are some suggestions of brushes for daily makeup!

Foundation Brush-

Foundation is something which builds coverage and gives a smooth base to the face hiding the imperfections. Usually if one is at home, they apply foundation with fingers itself which is not right. Investing in some good foundation brushes is going to give you the most natural and flawless application which fingers definitely cannot attain. Checkout  MAC #187 Duo Fiber Stippling Brush

Shiseido's foundation brush+concealing flaws brush

Buffing Brush-

Another essential requirement is a powder or buffing brush to give a finishing look to your makeup and help it in setting. A powder brush is surely a must to give that thin veil of powder which makes your makeup almost invisible. Checkout Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Real Techniques buffing brush

Blush Brush-

The other day I was talking to Ritika and she mentioned how she loves blushes and never steps out without a blush. Well, at home many of us don’t like to use blushes but when you are expecting guests then a hint of rosy cheeks is a must! Checkout Real Techniques Expert Face Brush


Eye Shadow Brush-

Well, I was in two minds for this particular brush as I don’t prefer applying any eye shadow at home. I use a colored crayon on the upper eyelids or just a hint of kohl, and that’s it. Well, this doesn’t mean everyone does the same. I remember my elder cousin used to be dolled up all the time in her first year of marriage and she could give tough competition to any famous Bahu of the daily soaps back then! 😉 Then I realized an eye shadow brush is surely a must have for daily makeup to give that defined look to the eyes. Checkout MAC #239 Eyeshader Brush

Kryolan Professional Brush Art. 3511 Review+eye shadow brush

Well, these were the best four brushes, one should surely keep for daily makeup. I purposely didn’t include eye liner brush or a lip brush because they are not everyday used items! 🙂

I hope you like the post! Do tell me what are your favorite brushes for everyday makeup?

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Have you tried these makeup brushes?

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