4 Must Read Product Reviews From Iraya


4 Must Read Product Reviews From Iraya

Iraya is a well known brand which uses extracts from natural ingredients for the betterment of skin and body. It has a wide range of products which serve various skin, hair & body cleansing purposes. The range of products from this brand has been used in big hotels & resorts which makes it ye another favorite product for the visitors.

Here are some of the product reviews which are worth reading and also apt to try.

Iraya Rose Face Tonic Review

A toner is an important beauty product for the perfect beauty regime and should never be neglected in any case as it tends to work on the large skin pores of the face and shrink its size making the face less prone to acne and excess sebum production also is under control which is known to cause skin problems.

Iraya Rose Face Tonic Review+ face mist-001

Iraya Rose Face Tonic Review+ iraya face mist-001

It is a great toner with extracts of rose which make it even better for the skin as rose is believed to  be used since ancient times for the beautification and healing of the skin in a natural way.

Price- 395 for 100ml

Iraya Depigmentation Recipe Jirakadi Lepa Review

Iraya’s 100% natural remedy for depigmentation- Jirakadi Lepa is taken from the Bhavprakash Nigantu, an ancient Ayurveda treatise. Cumin seeds, black mustard, black sesame and Krishna Jeera together help remove blemishes, scars & black spots. The lepa lightens pigmentation & improves the skin’s surface texture & overall appearance.

iraya lep

iraya lep texture

It is a remedy which treats old pigmentation marks with regular usage to give outstanding results on the existing pigmentation marks. This ayurvedic prearation although stings on the skin for a while with a mild peeling effect but that is not to be worried as it is a part of the healing process.

Price- INR 495 for 50g

Iraya Lavender Soap Review – 100% Vegetarian Soap

Iraya has a great range of Bath & Body products too which are 100% organic and made from natural extracts which tend to make the skin naturally beautiful and aids in skin healing. This lavender soap is one such great soap from the brand and the lavender extracts along with formulation of  lavender essential oil as an active ingredient in it. It helpS in the relaxation of tensed body muscles and soothes any pain or signS of stress. A good lather is what you get by using this organic soap and after the bathing you feel refreshed and experience less fatigue.


Price- INR 195 for 100g

Iraya Vanilla & Whole Milk Lip Balm Review

A recently reviewed lip balm from the brand, it has the goodness of whole milk which is even used as an active recipe for treating lips as they tend to get dry and patchy due to the various cosmetics and lack of proper hydration. Dry and chapped lips is surely not a great sight for any women so this naturally formulated lip balm with milk and vanilla extracts surely works in keeping the lips softer for a good while and also treat them from the ill effects of using excessive lipsticks and other cosmetic products. It is basically a non-tinted lip balm so it treats the lips naturally without giving any additional color to the lips.

iraya lip balm vanilla & whole milk

iraya vanilla whole milk lipbalm

Price- INR 245 for 20g

Well, I hope you find these products useful for yourself and give a thought to try these!

Have you tried these products from Iraya?

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  1. That soap looks so edible. I want to eat it..hehe. I am goign to get the depigmentation cream soon. Surprisingly my skin is clearing up these days. Will wait for a few more weeks and see if I need it.


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