4 Popular Eyeliner Types : Pros & Cons


4 Popular Eyeliner Types : Pros & Cons

Eyeliners are indispensable need for a woman in making her eyes look pretty and give her an attractive look! After my post graduation, I don’t remember a single day when I have stepped out without any kind of eyeliner on my eyes be it a simple kohl kajal or a colored liquid eyeliner! Now I imagine my college years’ look and laugh a lot!

stila liquid eyeliner indigo eye look

A girl who has been using eyeliners for quite a while will instantly start feeling that eyeliner application has become one of the routine activity to get ready for work or studies! And the day you ditch applying it, be ready to hear comments about what happened to your eyes, why you looking so sick!! Yes that is what an eyeliner does! Makes your eyes look lively and add a charm! It let the eyes do all the talking!

Well, those who are addicted to eyeliners, know the basic four types of eyeliners available in the stores! One a personal note, I am mad about pencil eyeliners because I find them super easy to apply!

how to apply liquid eyeliner

Today I am here to share some expert tips to use each of the different types of eyeliners and also share some pros and cons of them!

Lets have a look at each of the eye liner types and their pros and cons!

Gel Eyeliner-

Lakme Absolute Gel Addict EyeLiner Vineyard

One of the longest staying eyeliner is the gel eyeliner and it ensures a highly pigmented precised thin line on the eyes! You need to train yourself to apply a gel eyeliner quickly without smudging as it tends to dry pretty soon! Make sure to draw small lines first on the eyeline and then join it together!

Coastal scent gel eyeliner java eye makeup

Pros of Gel Eyeliner:

  • Stays for a really long time
  • Semi-fluid texture dries pretty fast!
  • Best for getting a smoked eye-look!
  • No Smudge!

Cons of Gel Eyeliner:

  • An eyeliner brush is required to use it!
  • It takes a little practice to perfect the gel eyeliner application!

Pencil Eyeliner-

rimmel scandal eyeliner sparkling black kohl eyeliner

My favorite and super affordable is the pencil eyeliner! It can be used as a khol as well as eyeliner! I sometimes use it on my waterline as well! It is easy to apply and you need not worry much about its precision!

Loreal Cobalt Blue Silkissime Eyeliner EOTD

Pros of Pencil Eyeliner:

  • Applied easily
  • Bold lines
  • Perfect to use on waterline as well
  • Can be sharpened
  • Can carry it anywhere
  • No expert tip required to apply it!

Cons of Pencil Eyeliner:

  • Smudges easily
  • Doesn’t stay for long!

Liquid Eyeliner-

Bourjois Liner Glitter Fizz Liquid Eyeliner Nuit Etoilee

A liquid eyeliner is what I am not very fond of though it is yet a very popular eye makeup product which can instantly change the look of the eyes!

Pros of Liquid Eyeliner:

  • Sharp and thin line
  • Can be easily removed with an eye makeup remover!
  • Sets to a matte finish

Cons of Liquid Eyeliner:

  • Perfection is required to apply
  • Takes a little while in drying!

Felt Tip Liner-

how to use eyeliner

This is yet another must have eyeliner product most women resort to due to the precised outline on the eyes and perfect strokes of liner on the eyelids!

stila liquid eyeliner indigo

Pros of Felt Tip Liner:

  • Easy to use and apply most thin line
  • Great precision
  • Perfect for thick lining

Cons of Felt Tip Liner:

  • Can smudge easily
  • Tough to remove!

So, these were four of the basic eyeliner types and how one can use all of these! All of these have their own set of merits and de-merits so it is a purely personal choice and ease that matters while picking any of these eyeliners!

Hope you like this compilation! 🙂

Have you tried any of these different eyeliners?

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