4 Products Which Give You Bigger And Groomed Brows


4 Products Which Give You Bigger And Groomed Brows

You might have heard that fuller looking eye brows are the hottest trend since it grabs attention and makes you look polished. Un-groomed brows look messy while over-plucked brows don’t look natural. So here are few products you require to get such fuller looking well-groomed eye brows.

Eye Brow Pencil


Eye brow pencil is required to fill any gaps or scars in your eye brows or to draw edges and extend your brow tail. If you have any patches in your brows then this pencil can correct it. Few ladies like to use sharp and harder pencils to draw hairs for natural look while few prefer softer pencils that are easy to blend. Whatever type of pencil it may be, it should provide you powdery finish and shouldn’t tug in the skin.

Few Recommendations:

1. Lakme Eyebrow Pencils: These are available just for INR 55 which is comes from one of the most trusted brands, Lakme.

2. Maybelline Eye Brow pencils: These can be slightly heavy on pocket but still affordable since they long last. A comb is provided with this and the smudge free formula makes it easy for you to carry the entire day.

Other than these you can try Coloressence eyebrow pencils, Deborah Eyebrow Perfect Super Precision Brow Liners, Mac stud crayons, Jordana fabubrow eyebrow pencils and Viviana eyebrow pencils.

Eye Brow Gel

Mac Brow set

Eye brow gels can give your brows little hue and set unruly hairs at place. Gels give younger looking fresh look to the brows. Choose a water resistant formula and if you want slight tint in it then choose the one which should tint all the hairs but not the skin underneath.

Few Recommendations:

1. Mac Brow Set Clear: This gel is transparent and not tinted. It keeps brow hairs in shape for many hours and dries quickly after application.

2. Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel: It provides a mascara wand to apply the clear gel evenly. It doesn’t leave residue on your brows.

You can also try Anastasia clear brow gel, Tweezerman brow mousse, Revlon brow fantasy pencil and gel, Milani brow shaping clear gel and Mary Kay brow gel.

Eye Brow Powder


If you don’t have major brow issues and you don’t need any correcting for them, then use brow powder to add some plushness. It gives your brow uniform density to your well-shaped eye brows.

Few recommendations:

1. NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow Cake Powder: It is available in the cake form and this is recommended due to its ease of use. It has a spoolie and a brush to apply the powder. It has two close shades of same color so that you can use both to get your desired color.

2. Maybelline Ultra Brow Powder: Maybelline provides neither chalky nor flaky powder and allows you to choose from a wide range of shades. The quantity for the price is really more that it lasts long in your vanity.

You can also try Sigma brow powder duo, Jordana brow powder duo, E.L.F eyebrow powder, Milani brow fix powder kit, Ardelle brow defining powder and Laura Mercier brow powder duo.

Eye Brow Wax

sleek-brow-kit-reviews+brow-kit-dark-sleek-makeup reviews+Brow kit how to get perfect brows

Like brow powder is recommended for those with no brow issues, brow wax is recommended for those with serious bro issues. If you have patches and gaps in your brows then you may need a wax which is waterproof and stays well long hours. It should provide natural sheen to your brows without mattifying them. These are also available in both clear and tinted form and sometimes available in combination with brow powder or in the form of a pencil which is usually called as a fixer or filler.

Few recommendations:

1. Inglot Freedom System Brow Wax: Using this is quite easy. All you need to do is take some product with a brow brush and apply it to the brows and take a brow comb and comb the hair. All your flaws are covered with this wax. If you want, you can set them with a brow powder as well.

2. Sleek Makeup Brow Kit: This provides a combination of wax and powder. You just need to grab the brush, apply the wax and then dab some brow powder.

You can also try NYX cosmetics eyebrow cake powder, Beauty UK highbrow all in one brow definition kit, NYC browser brush-on brow kit and NYX eyebrow cake powder.

Have you used any of these 4 Products Which Give You Bigger And Groomed Brows?

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  1. I prefer using old volumising mascaras for eyebrows.. its a one step process adds color makes them bigger n stays put whole day


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