4 Quick Exercises That Reverse Your Body Damage Caused By Desk Job


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Desk Job may sound really easy but trust me, it’s not! Sitting for 9 am to 5 pm on a chair and continuously working on the laptop can make your back really tight and every day going to the gym in between this tight schedule is not at all an easy task. Though we suggest a 20-min exercise daily that includes Free Hand and Yoga, if you still feel your back isn’t your best friend, then try these out. These 4 exercises by Fitness Pro Urmi Kothari will let your back be normal and the best part is that you can do these exercises practically everywhere – office, park or your home. Dig in!

4 Quick Exercises That Helps you Fight Your Body Damage

Deep Hip Flexor Stretch

This exercise helps you to stretch the whole lower part of the body. Put your right feet forward and then try to stretch the left knee downwards towards the floor. This will give the full body pressure on the left knee which will activate the thigh muscles and will relieve of the cramp. You can accentuate the pull by lifting the left hand above. Hold on for 15 seconds and then repeat with opposite legs. Make sure to relax the shoulders and the tailbone tucked in.

Deep Hamstring Stretch

For this exercise, all you need to do is to put your right heel, knee and hip in one straight line and then stretch your hips outwards. Make sure that your right hip is a little forward and the left hip a little backwards which is called Hip Square. The back should be flat and not round. You can take support on your fingers too. This will increase the blood circulation in your body and will help relieve your back pain. Make sure not to hold the breath and not to stretch the knee if hips are not square.

Elevated Pigeon

This exercise can be a continuation of the previous one. The right leg should be bent as shown in the picture and the hips should be square. The knee of the left leg should be towards the ground for maximum intensity. You can take support on the floor if you wish to. Holding breath and inappropriate stretching is a strict no-no!

Inner Thigh Side Stretch

This is one of the most popular stretches which can be done in both ways – standing or sitting. You just have to stretch a leg and place another leg as close as your hips. Then stretch one arm to hold the fingers and lean another arm to hold that arm. This will relax your hip and back muscles and will give you a toned body as well.

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