4 Revlon Powder Blush Shades & Swatches


4 Revlon Powder Blush Shades & Swatches


Hey my favorite people, Blushes adored by most women but these is one such thing that scared me the most in initial stages when I was a total newbie to makeup, though I still consider myself a makeup newbie. It is only wiseshe who can take the credit of making love blushes and understand that it is only the right blush that makes the whole look complete and not every blush makes you get those baby doll cheeks.

Revlon has come with some very neutral looking blushes in their Cheek Boutique edition. With these blushes one can never go wrong with any overloaded splash of blush on cheeks.


Revlon Powder Blush shades


About Revlon Powder Blush:

Revlon Powder blush with brush. Brush on for soft, natural blush of color.

Key Ingredients: Talc, Mica, Dimethicone, Iron Oxides, Polyethylene.

Net Wt: 5.0 gm

Price: Rs.550

Shelf Life: 3 years.

Shades Offered: Foreign countries have a wider range of shades offered in this blush range but in India there are only four shades launched. The shades offered in Indian market are namely:

  • Naughty Nude
  • Classy Coral
  • Wine Not
  • Haute Pink


4 Revlon Powder Blushes


The names are so wisely thought, seems like fun played with the names.

Naught Nude: Naughty Nude is the lightest shade of all. It can be more used as a highlighter I would say. I layered, layered and layered this shade but this shade would just not agree to show up in swatches. It looks like some color in the packaged bar but trust me on it this can only be used as a subtle highlighter.

Classy Coral: Classy Coral is the second lightest shade out of all the four shade. Classy coral looks more of a peachy coral in the packaged bar but on swathing I discover it more as a pink based color which is very neutral and will only give a hint of blush on cheeks that too when the color is built up.

Wine Not: Wine Not is the only shade that showed up in 2-3 swipes appears to be most pigmented among this lot of four blushes, but still not overly pigmented. Well the color is not as wine as it appears in the blush case.

Haute Pink: Haute Pink is a pearly pink shade which is not very dense. This color of blush will not suit every skin tone I must say but fair skin tones can carry off this color easily.


Revlon Powder Blush Swatches


The texture of these blushes is powdery and it is only powdery nothing else. In The swatches you see the blushes are not blended but still the color shown is very light not dense at all. For the swatches first I tried it with the brush provided with this blush but the color did not show up much to photograph well, so I picked up the color in some tap tap motion for the swatches.
There is an inbuilt mirror with the blush case apart from the brush. The packaging is compact.

These blushes are really good for people who donÒ€ℒt expertise in using blush and are scared of going overboard. These blushes can never go overboard. The shades offered are very natural as the company says but I call them neutral colors with two shades that can be used as a highlighter. The shades in the case look darker but are very light on application.

Have you tried any of these powder blushes?

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