4 Simple Nail Art Designs


Post By Reddy,

Hi girls

I was mighty irksome today and hence pounced on my nail bottles to do some nail art . One of it is simple and rest you can judge.:)

So let’s begin πŸ™‚


Green Yellow Nail Art Design


Many did this before. Never mind. I bought few pastels few days ago. Was dying to use. So just striped few lines. The yellow is Street wear -Yellow delight. Nice warm color . I used red for the stripes. What other color can be a good combination for this ? Its a serious question. Do tell me.

green and yellow nail art design+Green and yellow nail art design

Disco Nail Art Design


I love lavender and red combo. It looks mysterious and ethereal . At least for me πŸ™‚

The base is with Street Wear – Wild Child No 24

Just when the base was wet i dusted red and a little lavender glitter .

Glitter nail art +glitter for nails



Glitter nail art designs



Stripe Queen Nail Art Design


This is my favorite for this episode. Same Colorama Dourado and different colors for stripes. The striper brush was a breeze . Its so easy to line up the nail with it !! I used black ,orange and a deep pink for the lines. Instant change in look !!


Streek nail art designs+golden nail art design


Purple Heart  Nail Art Design


Base is Colorama Dourado . The purple heart is done with Tips and Toes Gilia. Colorama is not a reliable buddy for nail art. It appears runny ,diluted . Other than for base coats i could never use for anything else. Tips and Toes is pretty thick and hence a amiable companion. Don’t know the chemicals in it but as long as we use a strong base coat i guess its alright. I don’t know. Must google this.

valentines day nail art design+heart nail art

Hope you liked these πŸ™‚

Ciao girls!!

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    • i really don’t know. Not all stores stock all variants in streetwear. this was an accident pick. i took a green and a yellow. the green is a darker shade of yellow and not really ‘green’ πŸ™‚


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