4 VOV’s WATER COLOR LIPBALMS Review & Swatches



VOV’s WATER COLOR LIPBALMS Review & Swatches+ VOV's water


Hi Girls!

I have loads of time to devote on reviews on Sundays. So I end up writing as much as I can. So today I am reviewing one of my favourite lip balms, Water color LIP BALM by VOV (which is a Korean brand). Well, I got 4 of them as there were 4 shades available no. 1,2,3,4 at a very cost effective price of Rs. 50/- . The first time I got only two of them shade 2 and 4. Later on, I regretted not getting all of them, as they are so cute and lovely tinted lip balms. So I went again to the BEAUTY CENTRE, KHAR, MUMBAI to get all four of them. Let me tell you I am sucker for lipbalms, I have so many in all the corners of my house. I have one in my living room, 6-7 in my bedroom, 2-3 in my bag, more 2 in my other bag.  Some extra stock in my cupboard.  U raid my house and the thing you will most find in my house will be lipbalms 😛  My colleague calls me Ms. LIP BALM 😛 I personally like wearing lipbalms more than lipstick everyday to office. But these days I am hooked to Maybelline pure natural water lipcolor MF21 & F21. Review done on wiseshe. J And the other days, I look out for tinted lipbalms, as I love tinted lipbalms.

  • Price – Rs. 50 for 3.8gm  … kool naa? 😀
  • Ingredients – vitamin E & Water microspheres (no details given)


VOV’s Lip Balms reviews shade pink+Vov's lip balm shade 3 &4

Swatches of VOV’s Water Color Lip Balms:-


 My experience with VOV Water color lipbalms :-

There was no detailed product description given by the company. I was hesitant to buy this lipbalm as I didn’t know how it would turn out as it was for just Rs. 50. Very very cheap. But still I did to try it out and I just loved it. They are damn cute tinted lipbalms, quite moisturizing but they are hydrating till the time they stay on ur lips as soon as they are gone ur lips are dry again. They come in 4 different shades, out of which 3 of them are shades of pink i.e no. 1,2,3 and no. 4 is a lovely color. The lipbalms are very sheer in color. Doesn’t have any strong smell in lipbalms to detect. I quite like them, but they doesn’t help for chapped lips or would repair your dry lips during winter. These are not the kind of lipbalms u can use to hydrate the lips before applying a lipgloss/lipstick.They are just a decent tinted lipbalms with sheer color and moisturizing. As it is I didn’t expect much of them at Rs. 50/-


  • Tinted lipbalm
  • Cute colors
  • Available in 4 shades
  • Moisturizing
  • Very cheap
  • Handy
  • Sheer pigmentation

What I do not like about VOV’s WATER COLOR LIPBALMS :-

  • Doesn’t stay for long
  • Doesn’t repair chapped/dry lips
  • Shades no. 2 & 3 are almost the same.
  • It is not available easily
  • No product description

Will I re-purchase them – Yes, they are handy and very reasonable. So I don’t mind purchasing them.

Ratings – 3/5 :-*

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  1. vov products are always cheap…they ought to open up counters across india. They’d sell like hot cake…esp amomg college gals

    • I swear..i have a lipstick from VOV its on the verge to get over…N i am looking out for similar shade but no brand has anything near to the shade I have.. I m soo tensed I really want that shade..It is my go-to shade any given day!

  2. these are luking like lipsticks than lip balms Erica
    even I prefer lip balms to lipsticks for daily use
    these are a lot cheaper than Nivea lip blams na

  3. d colorsss r so niceeeeeeeeee.. i luv lipbalm too ric :handshake: i keep smelling n buying 😛 yup n me 2 demand lip swatch :lipstick:

  4. They look tempting . . . am not a lipbalm person . . . just own one to use under my lippies for hydrating 😛

    Am more of a lipstick person, tho’I like lipglosses too . . .

  5. i luve such tinted lip balms…even when the nyx tinted lip spas came out i got all of themm..somehow these days also m totally attracted to these sheer shades than opaque shades…luv them and th ethe price of these r so awesome! u really bagged urself a gr8 deal Ric 🙂


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