4 Ways To Make Money On Instagram In India | Making Money Ideas


4 Ways To Make Money On Instagram In India | Making Money Ideas

Hello Everyone! 🙂 How are you all?

I am back here with yet another video on a must requested topic on how to earn while staying at home online! Well, I have time and again shared a lot of posts on how to earn money while being at home taking care of your child / family and managing the whole household without any help! Making money online has become one of the most rapid ways to earn something any be more self-dependent and also doing something creative & constructive!

4 Ways To Make Money On Instagram In India

Well, as the saying goes there is no shortcut to success the same goes with earning money as well! You cannot expect to earn a lot of money in a short time span and also without putting efforts in your work! Every work demands your time & continuous efforts to improve yourself!

instagram earning

Here are some of the the previous topics which I have shared for Making Money Online through various channels to keep a steady source of income!

Well, these were just to name a few where you can get to know as to how you too can start earning from home through various online platforms!

Coming to today’s post, as you all are aware that Instagram has been one of the fastest growing platforms for various businesses & also various lifestyle related niche on Instagram have contributed to so many people earning much more than they could have imagined while just being at home and producing more and more meaningful posts, ideas & content!

How To Make Money Through Instagram

The first way through which you can start making money is by doing sponsored posts! Well, you all know what sponsored posts are and there are so many influencers/ bloggers who generate most of their income through Sponsored posts!

Well, it is a smart barter system as the influencers are directly connected with their followers and people who follow them are deeply influenced with their opinion about a product, clothing, a salon or a restaurant and it certainly boosts the product or place the influencers promote!


You need to create a post catering to a particular product  or service and then start posting it on Instagram. Brands who wish to expand their reach will contact you seeing your content and whether you have 5000 or 50,000 followers, you can start earning gradually through this medium!

How To Create A Connection With Followers

Even if you have a few thousand followers, you can start earning if they all are connected and engaged in whatever content you post on your Instagram account. Brands are aware of these things as to how much connected your are to your followers and based on that you can sponsorship of different products, services & many other things!

Affiliate Marketing

This medium has gradually picked up its pace through Instagram where bloggers/ influencers mention a particular dress, shoe or jewellery in their post and also provide a link from the place or online destination they got it from! So when followers love the particular product they would surely end up getting the same product/ item and you earn the commission amount! Well, here what matters is that you should be honest in your opinion and not just throw something to your followers for the sake of money!

How To Do Brand Collaboration And Get Free Stuff

Affiliate Marketing

Buying And Selling

This is one amazing way of instantly earning money without having millions of followers! You can simply start with something which is special or attributes to a particular art like banarasi sarees/ dupattas, silver jewellery, handcrafted materials and many other day to day use items. You can get them from a particular place in bulk and start selling them through Instagram by creating a page and displaying these items on your feed with good pictures and detailed prices!


I too started selling my own brand of Makeup Brush on Instagram and have received a great response! 🙂

Sell Services

Fashion blogger WiseShe

You might be good at something like photography, creative writing or a makeup artist and you can offer your services on Instagram by posting pictures which you have captured or a makeup look you have created, and there are many people who would be actually interested in taking up your services! Make sure to start with a minimum amount and when the word spreads you can start asking for much more for your talent!

Well, I will surely be coming up with some more posts on Earning Online while at home so stay tuned! 🙂

Checkout the video below for a detailed view on making money through Instagram!


  1. Thanks for sharing useful ideas, paisa kisko bura lagta hai, healthy way me earning bahut acchi baat hai hats off hai aap logo ko jo ghar, bacche, ofc n blogging,video sab ek sath sambhal lety ho


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