4 Weird Skincare Products That People Swear By Today!


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‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ – yes, that’s true but we do go to a great extent for keeping that beauty in place. Other than the regular CTM, people go for facials and skin treatments for getting a dazzling radiance on skin. Moreover, people use expensive skin creams and professional skin care to make skin their most valued possession. But what about those weird skin products that are selling like nobody’s business in the market? Yes, there are some insane products that do work wonders for your skin but if you hear then you will go ‘Ewww’ and I can vouch on that. Presenting 4 weird skincare products that people swear by these days!

4 Weird Skincare products that people swear by:

  • Bee Venom

Do you love Kate Middleton‘s beautiful skin? If yes, then this is it! Though we all know what honey does for us, bee venom is something which we need to know. Bee venom is a colourless liquid deposited by bees when they sting, has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.It can be used either in acne and other skin issues. It can be used as a serum or a face mask.

  • Snail Slime

This technique to make skin beautiful is not recent but dates back to the Greeks where they have used to uplift skin tissues and make skin firmer. Brands and spas have now adopted this technique and they have all come up with snail slime in something or the other. Snail slime helps pigmentation and sun spots, while also smoothening the skin and regenerating damaged facial tissue.

  • Placenta

The placenta is the ultimate hydrating agent for a youthful skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also reduces crows feet around the eyes. Sheep placenta is much more effective as it restores collagen and elasticity of the skin. Umm! Okay.

  • Bird Poo

Bird poop is something which sounds disgusting but your skin loves it dear. And so Japanese people are offering Bird poop mask and other skin essentials containing it as it claims to reduce skin damage. Also, it helps to reduce stress and make skin glossier. Nightingale poop is the next big thing!

And yes, we come to an end! I know it is a short post but all good things come in small packages, you see!

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