40 More Inglot Lipstick Swatches – Wise She Inglot Marathon


Inglot Cosmetics

Inglot Wise She Marathon is basically an attempt to give our readers all the swatches of Inglot cosmetics so that they don’t have any difficult in chosing from 100s of Inglot products.

Previously we have covered the following product swatches

51 Inglot Lipstick Shades & Swatches

27 Inglot Sleek Lipgloss swatches

This post is in continuation of the Inglot lipstick series .This time shades are sheer, lighter , shimmery and more on the pink side..Shade which looks white are used for lightning the lipstick shade or change lipstick colour.

Inglot Lipstick info


Matte moisturising formula with Vitamin E,
avocado oil, macadamia oil.

Solid and elegant metal case.



4.5 g/0.16 US OZ


Inglot Lipstick shade 142, 424, 182 swatches:-





Inglot Lipstick shade 249, 185, 149, 256 and 202 swatches:-


lipstick inglot swatches


Inglot Lipstick shade  122, 228  and 226 swatches:-




Inglot lipstick shade 244, 196, 144, 252 and 254 swatches:-


inglot shimmery lipsticks


Inglot lipstick shade 147, 255, 148, 257 and 204 Swatches:-


inglot shades reviews


Inglot Lipstick shade 263, 263 and 265 swatches:-


inglot shades lipstick


Inglot lipstick shade 151, 152, 150, 258 and 201 Swatches:-


inglot reviews lipstick


Inglot lipstick swatches – 246, 138, 200, 198 and 253 swatches:-


inglot pink lipstick swatches



Inglot lipstick shade 130, 133, 141, 203 and 194 swatches:-


inglot lipstick shades reviews


Inglot lipstick shade 192, 237 and 187 swatches:-


all inglot shades


Inglot lipstick shade 172, 169 and 264 swatches:-





Inglot lipstick shades 146, 251 and 183 swatches:-


all inglot lipstick shades and swatches


Are you Inglot lipstick fan ? Don’t forget to share with us your favourite Inglot lipstick shade 🙂


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  1. all r too frosty :(…somehow, unfortunately, whichever lipstick I have bot from inglot, I just come home and don’t find it great on my lips…dunno y….

  2. Cant find a shade for myself, Frosty finish is a no no for me 🙁 … hope to see some cremes & mattes now..
    Anamika ur efforts r commendable.. u take so mush of pain for us 🙂

  3. O my my…i just love 251 and 194…want these so badly 😛
    How you ppl compile so many shades at one go…thumbs up to the effort !!!!!!!

  4. OMG.. Wat an effort team!!! Thanks for these posts n also for tempting us to look at adding more lipsticks to our collection;)

  5. Absolutely hopeless swatches…none of the shades show their true colour…..none of the lipsticks i got proved to b of the same shade as shown…..you could do with a better post…..

  6. Instead of being so rude ..let me know which shade you checked which didn’t match..i got them from the store and its impossible that they don’t match unless someone is color blind which i hope you are not.


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