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By Candy (Deepti),

Everybody got an IDOL. No m not talking about Indian Idol 😛 :P. Girls love to look upon to fashion diva’s and do what they think will suit them too. We are always eager to know what they eat, which make up they use, what kind of clothes they wear. So this article is about one of the topics!
Last week Anamika posted an amazing post about Lakme fantasy collection looks. When I saw the models :O I just couldn’t stop wondering what they eat, what they do to be in that shape. How’s their skin glowing so much (oke forget the Photoshop effect :P)
Everybody knows that a good diet can do wonders. Including lots of fruit and veggies in your diet will not only help in maintaining weight but it will also make your skin glow. Everybody knows that. But how many people  follow this rule? Everybody goes for the wonder diet. Some girls go on extreme diet by eating nothing at all for days and some eat as if its not food but poison.


Our body knows our proper diet. One has not to suffer from hunger to get in shape. The formula is to keep everything in balance. I don’t know how many of you  read the articles about the celebrities diet and make up mantra’s here on WiseShe. But I read most of it. And every time I see this line : “5 small meals a day.” That means breakfast, lunch and dinner. That makes 3 and then 2 snacks a day between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner.
Like a car need fuel our body need food to keep working in a proper way. All the stupid diets like “eat fruit only” “drink water only” can probably work for some people but that will affect your body, your digestive system and moreover the chances of getting the “JOJO-EFFECT” is really high.
Jojo-effect is when your digestive system get fed up by you eating abnormally low one day and the another day eating too much. You can lose weight but after some time when u begin with your old pattern the lost KGS will be back.
The best way to lose weight or to maintain weight is doing it in healthy way. Our “tummy” has a mind of his own. When u don’t eat much your body will store more fat out of your food to keep your body working. U can compare this to your normal household work. When you know there will be no water for next few hours or may be whole day. You will store water for later use. So does our body. Our body goes to wats called “I will not get anything else the rest of the day” mode. But when you eat 5 times a day in small quantity your body will keep burning the excess fat. Your will feel energetic.
Oh energy << that’s another word very important in our daily life. When u eat once or twice a day, your body will refuse to give you much energy. The results: you won’t like doing anything, you won’t go to the gym, you will just sit around and feel low.
One day I read an amazing article of a very known person (can’t remember his name). He said: “Everything is a poison if not taken in proper quantity”


So peoples who say don’t eat butter at all, they lie. Butter isn’t bad. Its only bad when u take too many of it. But if you put just a little bit on a toast it won’t harm you at all. And so are plenty of stuff like nuts (not roasted or baked or salted one) milk, yoghurt and plenty of other stuff. These are good for your health, your body and your mind. (IF TAKEN IN PROPER QUANTITY)
Everything I wrote today are the facts known by everyone but followed by only few people. The one who succeeded. And ofcourse not only food but exercise is also important in our daily life.


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  1. people eating food like ‘poison’ :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
    badhiya pravachan tha guruji :clap: i also eat 5 small meals – 8am b’fast,11am bowl full fruits, 2pm lunch, 5pm soup,7pm tea-buiscuit+mudmude, 9pm lunch and 10pm hit the bed…
    mera to fixed hai bhaiya..

  2. Deepti(Candy) 😛
    Moment i staty eating late it stats showing on my body..i think now my body routine has been set want food as early as possible.

    bad habit which i have is of sleeping late..which is so hard to overcome:((

  3. ya thats a problem of many of us. usually on sun my routine also gets disturbed as we wake up at 10am on sundays!! but in weekdays since my hubby’s office timing is from 7am, we need to wakeup at 5am and accordingly we sleep early…
    its all habit…diet is also a habit..

  4. yes giving oneself a break is good don feel bad aboutit

    and yur husband leaves at 7 :O

    what a hard working man he is 🙂

  5. lolz…. actually this article was meant for me myself… as i read all about it and i end up eating on bad times or i skip the meal…. bad bad bad..
    i think in my diet plan only one thing is at correct place.. dinner at 7pm.. thats it!

  6. Good one Candy 🙂 Adn lately this 5 emals a day has been picking up. And I eat twice a day many times 🙁 Have to stop doing that :((


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