5 Affordable Makeup Brushes


5 Affordable Makeup Brushes


For that perfect makeup, it is essential to have some good quality makeup brushes. Many different brands of makeup brushes are available in India. Good brushes are usually considered to be expensive. But there are some brands which offer good quality makeup brushes at an affordable price. Take a look-

Kryolan Professional Premium Smoothing Brush

Price- INR 900


kryolan makeup brushes


The brush comes with a hard plastic cover sealed at both ends which can be opened from both ends. This keeps bristles in shape and also protects them from dirt and dust. The body of the brush is sleek and made of grey silver colour aluminium with a long handles pointed at the other end. As mentioned the bristles are made of natural goat hair and high-quality white synthetic fibres. The bristles are as soft as MAC stippling brush. It helps in easy blending of makeup and does not give harsh lines. It is easy to clean and bristles remain in shape.

Vega Makeup Brush Set

Price- INR 250


vega makeup brushes


This set is from their regular range. It is a set of 5 brushes which include a Lip Liner, Lip Filler, Eye Shadow, Eye Applicator, Blush Brush. This set is decently priced and is great for makeup novices. None of the brushes are scratchy and also do not irritate the skin. The blush brush can also be used to apply loose powder. Vega brushes are easily available. The brushes look pretty and are easy to travel with.

Bourjois Powder Kabuki Brush

Price- INR 550


cheap makeup brushes


The bristles are soft but firm. It helps in even application without leaving any sharp lines. It has negligible bleeding and shedding. It looks pretty and is easy to use. The brush distributes powder properly and can be used to apply bronzer also. The brush is easy to clean.

Lakme Absolute Precision Lip Brush

Price- INR 350


lakme absolute lip brush


It is a very classy looking lip brush. It is very sturdy, attractive and packaged in black body. This particular brush comes with a very firm and classy cap whose tip is pointed like a pencil. It fits in very snugly and there are no chances of it to get apart on its own. So this brush is the perfect one for on the go touch ups or to be carried in your handbag. The body of the lip brush is light weight and slim. The bristles are uneven and form a pointed tip so this brush serves both for lining and filling the lips. You can use the tip or side surface for lining and the whole brush surface for filling. This brush does not drink up the color; you do not have to pick up a lot of color for once. It gives an even and precise application as the name says.

Konad Foundation Brush

Price- INR 410


foundation brush india


The brush comes with a bristle cover which is pretty useful while travelling. The bristles are soft and firm. Its soft texture helps in spreading the foundation easily. The bristles neither bleed nor shed and retain their softness. This brush is perfect for both foundation as well as concealer since the softly rounded sides help in spreading and blending the product into the corner areas like the inner eye and the sides of the nose. The brush is easy to use and doesn’t soak up the foundation.

Which makup brush set do you use?

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