5 Amazing Non-Celebrity Bridal Looks



5 Amazing Non-Celebrity Bridal Looks

After the post on celebrity bridal looks, today I’ll be covering some of the bridal looks from the non-celeb circle. They are normal women like us, but yes, no less special.

I have picked 5 pictures randomly from google to know the reasons behind their stunning bridal looks. Have a look…


Bengali bride indian bride


Traditional Bengali bride. Draped in a red benarasi and complemented by a red veil, traditional sankha-pola and gold jewelry, she looks out of the world here. Bengali brides are known for flawless, soft base makeup, pretty subtle lips and heavily kholed eyes smudged lightly to give a smoky effect. Makeup is incomplete without the red bindi and chandan work on forehead. Hair is tied in a traditional bun with middle parting and front poof. Can’t take my eyes off her.

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Maharastra bride indian bride


A Maharastrian bride. She chose a violet and golden bordered chrome yellow colored traditional and classy “Navari” saree. Mundavalya, Traditional pearl-gold nath, Maharashtrian gold jewelry and half moon bindi completed her look. Makeup was fresh and simple. Muted gold eye shadow blended with bronze on crease, winged eyeliner and kohl to finish eye makeup, subtle peachy lips and a flawless base with hints of color on cheeks. The whole look? Simple, yet beautiful.
South Indian bride indian bride


A South Indian bride can be identified with her elaborate ornaments. South Indian brides wear include traditional white golden bordered sari and vibrant colored silk saris as well. Here, she chose a red kanchipuram saree. The focus of this bridal look for South Indian brides is the eye and underplayed the lips. She complemented her dress with heavy traditional temple jewelry in gold and a simple braid with floral accessories.


Punjabi bridal look indian bride


The traditional Punjabi bridal wear is set of a pleated patiala and a knee length fitted Kameez along with a heavily embroidered dupatta which would cover the head. She teamed her heavily embroidered suit with heavy gold jewellery. She wore Punjabi traditional ‘chooda’ and ‘kalirey’ too. Her makeup was balanced. Heavily done eyes and peachy pinks lips.
modern bride indian bride


Ditch the traditional red, yellow and gold and go for bold blue, pretty pink or sultry greens. I don’t really like matching my eye shadows with my dress, but she is nailing the look here. She is looking stunning here. Electric blue glittery eye shadow all over lid and blended with black on the outer corners and with a dark brown on crease area, kohl rimmed eyes smudged lightly to give a smoky effect. Soft pink lips and soft blushy cheeks to complement the heavily done eyes.

That’s it for today, will be covering more bridal looks soon. Let us know which one you liked the most and which bridal looks you want to see covered here.

P.S. The pictures don’t belong to us. If someone has issues regarding the pictures, kindly contact us at [email protected] .

Which bridal look is your favorite?

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  1. WOw madhu I’m really loving your articles. Our side Bridal dress up is quite similar to Bengali ones, benarasi Saree,sankha pola and chandan work on forehead 🙂 but nowadays most of the brides are going hybrid 🙂


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