5 Apple Face Pack Recipes for All Skin Type


5 Apple Face Pack Recipes for All Skin Type

 Since our very childhood we all perhaps have heard of one very common rhyme about Apples; i.e. ‘An Apple a day keeps a doctor away’. To some this rhyme may sound somewhat clichéd but Apple is indeed a miracle fruit that can have tons of benefit for your body. If your overall health is bettered it’ll show itself on your skin too because a youthful glowing skin is after all a sign of sound physical health. Those who know this secret will invariably include apple generously in their daily fruit salads.

apple for glowing skin

With the onset of winters, the cider press too is ready and so you can even have glassfuls of the delicious frothy apple juice to give your body and skin the extra dose of nourishment it requires. Not only this, apple can have miraculous benefits on your skin, if applied topically even. The concept of fruit facials and fruit face packs are nothing new and apple is one fruit that can truly work wonders in changing the texture and appearance of your skin for the better if used in face packs. Whether you mash it and apply the pulp or the juice or just simply place the thin slices of apple on your skin, all forms of apple face pack recipes can help in enhancing the quality of your skin.

Here I am sharing with you all 5 of my proven apple face pack recipes for all skin types:-

  • Peel the skin of an apple, finely grate or mash completely, blend with cold milk and glycerin. Apply all over your face. Rinse off with cold water after 10-15 minutes. This is a great apple face pack recipe for soothing and healing skin affected by sun burns.

  • Application of an Apple Puree all over your face as face pack can hydrate an excessively dry skin sufficiently. You have to keep the Puree for about 15 minutes prior to rinsing off. To prepare the Puree you need to peel apple skin, dice apple into small piece and boil the pieces until they melt completely and turn into a rich thick and smooth puree.

  • If you are fed up with your dull skin, an apple exfoliating face pack can help you get rid of that. You need to mix ½ apple pulp grated and mashed with 1 tbsp rice flour and 1 tbsp oatmeal. Apply the pack all over your face and scrub gently as you apply. This will remove all your dead cells completely, leaving your skin utterly smooth and radiant.

  • If you want to remove suntan fast, peel apple, grate and boil the pieces. While you boil mix the juice of half lemon and pinch of the dried herb sage into the water. Once you are done with it, mash the apple and apply the entire mix in the form of smooth face pack all over your face. Do this every alternate day to get rid of your tan and boost your complexion.

  • Peel the skin of one green apple, grate and mash it thoroughly. Mingle it with 2tbsp lemon juice and 1 tbsp yoghurt to make a great apple face pack for eradicating spots and blemishes from your skin. Green Apple with a high content of Malic acid and other essential vitamins and minerals is really a wonderful spot remover that’ll leave your skin flawless with daily usage.

So these are some apple face pack recipes for all skin types which you might consider using.

Have you tried any face pack with apple?

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  1. I love apple pie and smoothie…… never try apple as a face pack definitely going to try this…… thanks for sharing such a useful face pack recipes…… home made face pack with fresh fruits are way better than those packed face pack sells in market….. <3

      • Ohh….. actually you can prepare apple smoothie both with milk or yogurt…… I love my apple smoothie to make with yogurt….. I place peeled and chopped apples with strawberry crush and chilled yogurt in a blender and blend it well till smooth and frothy and serve it voila!!!!! In summers I put some vanilla ice cream as well….. but not in winters…… OMG…… I am missing my ice cream…… you can add some almonds as well if you want…… It is a great option for breakfast if you are in hurry. If you don’t like yogurt you can replace it with milk……hope you will like it…… lots of love to you.

    • Fruits are always great for skin…haven’t you heard of the luxurious fruit facials…why spend money on those when you can do it at home?


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