5 Awesome DIY Facewash Recipes For Even Skin Tone


5 Awesome DIY Facewash Recipes For Even Skin Tone

Skin feels greasy and the first thing you do is to get up and get hold of a face wash tube gently massage and rinse! Well, it is surely easy to use and at times saves you from getting late to office or college! But the dry stretchy feeling that comes after using a store bought face wash cannot be undone and you may feel the urge to slather some amount of moisturizer on the face and without that you cannot go ahead with your daily makeup routine!

But on days when you have ample time to get up and get ready using a DIY Cleanser-cum face wash to clean the face and give the essential nourishment without stripping off the natural sebum of the skin which is essential to keep the skin healthy!

Here we have some awesome and really effective DIY facewash recipes for all skin types and one can get the ingredients from the kitchen easily and make it an essential beauty chore to use and get the most of these homemade facewashes!

Desi Ghee-

ghee for beauty routine

Many of you might not find it too convincing or appealing for that matter but believe me I have tried it few times just for the sake of trying and seeing the result! It is really good specially for the dry skin! You might be aware of the fact that in many ayurvedic spa and body treatments ghee is an essential ingredient!

Make sure that you use homemade ghee and after applying it generously on the face, wash it off with warm water and see the results yourself!

Gram Flour-

gram flour

There was one of my friends who had severe skin pigmentation on her skin and she regularly used two ingredients on her face as a daily ritual. One wash gram flour and the second was gram flour!

gram flour

I couldn’t believe when I saw her after a month’s time how come she looked flawless! Taking inspiration from the same when I had a major skin issue, I too used only gram flour along with a pinch of turmeric and my skin was never so good! I hate my lazy self these days! Feel like using gram flour over again! 🙂

Rose Flower-

homemade rose sandalwood facepack

You all must be having rose plants at home and you can use the rose petals for added beauty! Remember how ancient women used this flower in all there beauty uses and needless to mention how beneficial it was and still is for various skin treatments!

rose petals skin care

Use it in crushed form alone on the face and let the essence of the rose petals stay on the skin for maximum benefits!

Potato Juice-

potatoes for beautiful hands

Potato is rich in starch content and is a known remedy to remove fresh tan, pigmentation and reduce the darkening effects of the sun! You can slice a potato and grate it.

Mask For Dark Circles using potato and honey+dark circles under eyes

Then with a strainer you can separate the potato juice from the the grated mixture and use the juice to clean the face whenever you are coming from the sun or the skin feels too dull and dark as a result of constant sun exposure!

Milk Powder-

Another interesting ingredient you can get from the kitchen is milk powder and use it as an ideal face wash as the first thing in the morning!

It is also quite effective in making the skin bright and clear with daily use! Just a spoonful of milk powder and 1-2tbsp water will be sufficient and also easy to use for clearing the skin and even the skin tone!

Have you tried any of these DIY recipes?

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  1. I’ve tried using milk powder alone. But iy always left a slight greasy layer on the skin. So I’ve been mixing milk powder and oatmeal (1:2) and using it as a face wash. It’s been 4+ years I’ve been using this and it has balanced out my face oils and has turned my crazy oily skin into normal.
    Great post bdw!!


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