5 Awesome Ways To Get Perfect Party Picture



5 Awesome Ways To Get Perfect Party Picture

There are beach parties, disc parties etc, and you get lots and lots of pictures clicked in the parties.

Have you been to a party last Night and you are having nightmares about getting your bad clicks posted on any social networking sites?

The very next moment you are trying to get hold of your privacy settings to control your tagged pictures !!!!

Oh freak, you are just late by an hour and your friends have already seen your food stuffed face at the party and even a friend commented about your booty looking like a couch !!!!   Cry Cry Cry 🙁 🙁


Picture Perfect Guide+makeup


Oh my baby, do not cry, it was only a dream; and for those who have faced some similar situations in the past & now you fear to head to a party, worry not anymore. Today the genie for you has got some easy solutions.

All you gotta do is to follow the following tips about getting perfect pictures in the party and rock every picture that clicks you in:

Ace Your Makeup

Getting your makeup right is the first rule when heading for a party and you know the shutterbugs will be around.

Getting your base makeup smooth and matching to your complexion is the key here. Do not even dare to get yourself makeup shades lighter than your original complexion because this is will only help you achieve those ghostly pictures. Work on your eyes and lips too, since those raccoon eyes and vampire like bleeding lips will scare your virtual friends away. I am sure that you do not want to end up looking like a shiny disco ball in your pictures, please use translucent powders to keep your face shine-free for longer durations. Perfect contouring and highlighting aids a lot in perfect pictures, master the Highlight- Contour art.


Asin bollywood celebrity


Choose the right Attire

You just loved that big floral prints skirt and have decided to wear it for the party!!!! Oh please wait for a moment and think what figure you have, if you are not slim and have a huge bottom, this big floral prints will attract more sights towards your bottom & only add more volume to your bottom. The key here is to divert attention to your upper body. Similarly Dark colors help you achieve a slimmer looks, vertical stripes make you look taller, Taller girls can try horizontal stripes.

Not just your dress but your lingerie too needs to be taken seriously. Wearing a white lingerie under dark colored dress will show up in pictures taken with flash and will look tacky. In the same way with a body con dress opt for seamless lingerie or shape wears and please wear a thong and do not show your panty lines in your pictures. Your good selection of lingerie can prevent you from having an embarrassing moment.

What’s Your Angle?

So, you know the answer! That’s great, but for those who do not know, to get perfect pictures you really gotta know what angles gets the perfect picture of yours and work with the similar angles in future. Observe your pictures, try taking selfies, any selfie lover is certain to know her best angles, this way you can know what angle captures you best.

A little 45degree face towards the camera, a natural smile, and chin up (slightly) are some ways that captures the face in the best manner.

Watch your Posture

The slouchy posture or uncrossed legs looks bad in a picture and moreover they make you look out of shape too.
You cannot always have a command over shutterbugs in a party there are moments when you are not even aware and your messy moment gets captured.


celebrity puff hairstyle


Try and maintain your posture throughout, sit with your legs crossed, shoulders pulled back, back straight maintain elegance and charm. Just a bit of consciousness and you have those ravishing pictures in hand without any loophole.

Take Care of the light

Here comes the crucial factor. Has it ever happened to you that your pictures looks too dark, shadowed or so so bright that your features could not be identified. Well it is all because of wrong light. A wring light picture will overrule all your makeup and poise.

Getting yourself clicked under stark light, too dim light, direct sunlight is not a good idea. The light should never fall behind you since it darken the picture. Getting clicked under yellow light is great as it smoothens the skin appearance and adds glow to your skin.


Deepika Padukone Announces Visit To Cannes Film Festival


It is not that now onwards you will not get yourself clicked until and unless you find a yellow light, but try to avoid stark and dim lights for flattering pictures.

Ladies I am sure now you all are ready to kill it in every picture and be the face that everyone wants to photograph at the party. Good luck and yes do not forget to send us in your glam and beautiful pictures.

Do you have more tips to share?

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  1. A very helpful one Ritika 🙂 Mine will be try to maintain a smile all the time so that you don’t wake up to tags where u are making weird faces, yawning etc 😛

    • So true… and also plz do not dare oprn to mouth with food on mouth.. and organise your dinner playe well…
      Pta h the moment i get settled with my plate… the cameraman is always around… :p:p


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