5 Awesome Ways To Use Mac Strobe Liquid Lotion


I am really hating MAC nowadays. It seems they keep a track of my increments. The moment there are a few extra bucks in my account I see them raising their product pricing! How can they  do this to makeup lovers? I fail to understand. A MAC lipstick now costs INR 1190 .They have increased the pricing of almost everything and of course they will not update us about it :D.They will only update about their new collection or fashion shows.


MAC Strobe review

Ok! Let me take a deep breath again and stop cribbing and come to the main topic of the post which is MAC strobe liquid lotion which I have been using since quite some time and I am completely in loooove with the product.It’s truly a must have for those who love foundations.

The  way it melts into the skin and gives that natural looking glow makes me use it every single day. It reduces imperfections like open pores and fine lines and I don’t need any moisturizer after using it.It makes skin look dewy, glowing and healthier.


MAC Strobe liquid how to use

Price – INR 1950

MAC Strobe is available in cream form as well which is suitable for dry skin. I initially thought of purchasing the cream but as the summers are approaching I changed my mind and bought the liquid. I am glad I did because MAC Strobe liquid is working perfectly in winters as well on my combination skin otherwise strobe cream would have been extra hydrating for me. Also , not to mention product is really light weight and never makes me feel I have something on.

Below I am listing down the ways one can use MAC Stronde liquid cream:-


MAC Strobe liquid cream review

1) Mix one pump of this with MAC Studio fix fluid foundation and you can get that beautiful dewy look on your face.

2)You use this as a highlighter above the cheekbones and under the brows as well. Also a little goes a long way therefore you don’t need much to get that beautiful glow.

3)If your skin is little drained out or foundation looks flat then you can inject brightness to your skin by applying strobe cream.

4)Another interesting way to fake the glow is to apply little blush to your cheek bones and then add the strobe over it and again add bit of blush over the strobe.Your skin will look beautifully radiant.

5)Use it under the foundation and it will make your makeup stay for much longer.

6) One of the other ways to get the best of the glow from the MAC strobe cream is to apply strobe cream then foundation then strobe cream again just on your cheeks.You can top it up with a highlighter.This was told to me by Shweta and it worked like a charm.

7) You can use it without foundation as well just to highlight certain areas of your face such as cheek bones, brow bone area and cupid bow. It will instantly uplift your skin.

Liquid is of white colour with a dash of silver in it.It ‘s one of the rare  highlighter which has no trace of shimmer in it .If you look at the swatch you will not find any visible shimmer in it which makes one looks like a disco ball.
mac strobe cream india

MAC Strobe creame indian price

Few more benefits of MAC strobe cream are

1) It won’t make your face greasy

2) Little goes a long way

3) It has non oily formula and with no fragrance.


Will I recommend it to others– Definitely ! If you ignore the cost I will it rate 5/5


 Do you know any other way to use MAC Strobe cream?

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  1. This would burn my pocket for sure but I am loving the many ways you described to use it..Looks a must have product..! Thanks for sharing Ana 🙂

  2. i have never tried this…!!! but after going through the points, it seems to be multi-functional wonder lotion ..a must have i guess..

  3. I really like strobe cream, liquid is not as moisturizing as cream for my dry-combination skin, but i love cream, how it makes my dull skin to look glowing look, i dont whether u know about this or not, but i recently found the travel size strobe cream costs 10$(30ml), where as full size 32$(50ml), so buy paying 20$ we cant get 60 ml, so more than full size one, with less price, after discovering this, i am using travel size only, to save 12$ (by adding 3 i can get a lip/ one more 30 ml strobe cream), i dont know why MAC marked there prices like this, anyways i like stobe-found-strob step, i will try it, thanks for sharing,

  4. I am currently loving this product and I must say its definitely deserve to be in every makeup stash 😀
    Very nice points Ana di 🙂


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