5 Basic Ingredients That Will Nourish Your Hair Overnight


5 Basic Ingredients That Will Nourish Your Hair Overnight

Hair are precious to us and we are totally going to care about them come what may, right? Today, I am bringing to you some basic ingredients that you could use overnight and have an improved lot of tresses the next morning! Please note that overnight care is the best you could do for your hair as well as skin as the body and hair respond to treatments best while we are sleeping.

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I am sure you would want to know these miraculous products. Do not worry as these are always known to us as useful but we are somehow unable to use them correctly. Now you would be able to do so. Read on!

Oily hair problems and remedies

For Dry and Damaged Hair

Mix some Vitamin E capsules with Argon oil or jojoba oil and apply on your hair. Leave it overnight for it to get absorbed in your hair completely. Massage well so that the scalp feels wet and is totally drenched with Vitamin E and the oil you chose. This would ensure you have a sound sleep as well.

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Next morning, shampoo and condition your hair as you do always. Try using the shampoo in diluted form as we do not want the harmful chemicals to take away the shine from our hair. You may want to use the shampoo twice or thrice this way to ensure the oil is completely out of your hair.

For Frizzy hair

Take some almond oil and add Aloe Vera to it. You could use a ready made gel or extract Aloe Vera from the leaf if you have access to. Apply it on your hair and leave it over for the night. Next morning, wash it with a suitable frizzy hair shampoo.

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Also, use a compatible conditioner for your hair type. People often mistake to use a non-compatible shampoo and conditioner which in turn takes away the benefits of the oil and the ingredient.

For Dandruff

For dandruff, use 1 tablespoon of olive oil and mix it with 1 teaspoon of lime juice. Massage this mixture on your hair and scalp and leave it overnight.

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Wrap your hair with a shower cap to ensure no spillage and complete benefit. When you go for a shower next morning, ensure to wash with a mild shampoo.

For Hair Loss

If you are having a hair loss issue, you have the best solution in the form of coconut oil. Just heat some coconut oil and massage it on your scalp.

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Wrap your head now with a warm towel and leave it for the night on your head. On waking up, shampoo and condition your hair and you would soon find yourself gaining hair with 4-5 uses.

For Split Ends

Split ends are another nuisance we just cannot take. They make the hair look so dull and dirty, even if your hair are totally fine from the scalp. For split ends, the best solution is to regularly use a mix of coconut and olive oil together.


Just heat the mixture and apply on your hair to leave it overnight. Next morning, a shampoo and conditioner treatment would help given a mild shampoo is being used. This would ensure luster and shine to be back to your hair with split ends reducing by themselves.

Hope these solutions help you!

Have you tried these tips for hair nourishment?

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