5 Basics To Get Your Foundation Right


5 Basics To Get Your Foundation Right


Hey everyone, how are you? I am starting this series where we’ll be back to school getting our basics right 😉 . I am sure some of you are already a pro at it, but the newly joined sweethearts may be looking for these tips. And I feel they’ll be really helpful to everyone here :-)So let’s get going and get your foundation perfect (*they way Madhuri Dixit says it*)


Choose The Correct Foundation

Well there are like zillion tips and tricks for choosing the right foundation. Well some of them work also, then why you got your foundation wrong? The one that worked for me is : Test your foundation on your jawline in the daylight/bright light and if it looks invisible then this the right choice baby! NEVER test the foundation by swatching it on your hand, this way you’ll always end up with a wrong shade. Because in only very rare cases the tone of your hand and face are the same.


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Let The Skin Get Some Moisture

So this is basically prepping your skin before you pile yourselves with al that makeup you’re dying to put on. Well wait for it a few more minutes and apply a good moisturizer/primer that suits your skin type. Wait for 5 minutes, let the skin absorb it and then go on with your favorite foundation. Applying a primer will also minimize your pores and will help you in getting that blurred skin look to an extent.


Okay let’s start with the most crucial part. There are 3 best ways you can apply your foundation. Each gets you different finish. Remember one thing that applies to every method- less is more, the more foundation you pile up, higher are chances of you looking like a ghost.

  1. For natural look- Apply your foundation with your fingers and dab it gently.
  2. For more coverage- Grab a sponge, damp it in water, squeeze al the excess water and then apply your foundation.
  3. For an Air-brushed look- Apply your foundation all over with a sponge and then even out it with a Stippling Brush.


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Cover Your Flaws

Getting the concealer right is really difficult. I’ll make it easier for you now. For the flaws on your face like blemishes, slight discoloration go for a concealer that is 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. And for your dark circles use a concealer with an orange or peach tint and opposite to your skin tone. Suppose if you’re warm toned then pick the concealer in cool tone. This works because the color of dark circles is towards blue/purple so you should cut it with the opposite colors in the color wheel.


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Luminous Powder

Use a powder that has micro shimmers and that reflects light well. If you use a luminous powder after the foundation not only you make-up will set but your skin will also glow. And don’t worry about that all shiny and reflecting face, there are loose powders and setting powders in the market which makes your skin look beautiful and control that extra-shine as well. 🙂


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Let me know in the comments below if you have some more questions for the foundation application and also bombard me with comments if you liked this one 😛 I am being greedy though but I would love to hear from my fellow WiseShians :*

Do you have more tips to share?


  1. Ur humor makes d post al d more fun 😉
    Amazing tips, but If I may add my two cents. Hope u don’t mind 😉
    1. Matching foundation to ur jaw is d rite way. But, dere is another way that lot of MUA swear by.. Matching d foundation to ur neck/chest is d foolproof way of getting the color perfectly matched..
    2. I have always felt that damp sponge gives a less coverage.. Infact, it is advised to use damp sponge for heavy foundations to make dem sheer.. But definitely damp sponge is an awesome way to get a good finish..
    3. Light concealer should only be used for highlighting.. Covering blemishes by a light concealer will only highlight ur flaws.. Ur concealer shld be a very close match to d foundation
    These are just my thoughts..

    • Am not very much acquainted with the foundation stuff… i have this colorbar perfect match foundation…. and i cant review just because of one issue that is just not getting clear… the foundation does not oxdise but then after am done with my makeup… it feels as if it makes look my skintone darker,, though my mom says its fine… but i take it as motherly love and feels she just consoles me… i have yellow indertones… so i picked the classic ivory wala shade.

    • I agree with everything you wrote Himani… Damp sponges do give a sheer coverage.. And the highlighter thing is also correct!

    • Thank u for the tips Himani, but sometimes people have chest lighter than their face so I am confused about it 🙁 and yes sponges do give a sheer coverage but more than that when u dab it with ur fingers :-*

  2. Nice article Ayushi, Let me add some, which i learned from one of famous you tube gurus Wayne Goss, and it is working as gem, if any want to stay there foundation for long (i say longgg) time, after applying moisturizer and primer apply some loose powder (yes!!) then apply foundation, over it again apply powder, i tried it and it works really great.

  3. Ayushi this is a nice series, basics sud b clear or else we will end up doing blotchy makeup and still think its gr8 :p

  4. wow.. there are so many foundation experts here. I still dont have a proper foundation in my kit. Now dont think i have a clear skin.

    i have terribly dry skin. which doe snot budge for any thing. 🙁

    • Chandini try Dior BB cream, which i will review very soon, it is one nd only full coverage BB cream, and it works great on dry skin.

    • I have dry skin too.. You might want to try the Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Foundations..these are oil based. If you go for water based foundations it will make the skin look patchy. Some of my recommendations- Loreal True Blend Foundation, Ponds BB cream, Maybelline BB Cream, Lancome Idole Teint Miracle, YSL Lumi,…


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