5 Beautiful Bengali Bridal Hairstyle



5 Beautiful Bengali Bridal Hairstyle

Every woman wants to look best in her D-day. Be it her wedding dress, her makeup or hairstyle, she has to look just perfect and gorgeous. Most of the Bengali women are blessed with long beautiful hair and adorning and styling those beautiful traces becomes a crucial part in enhancing her whole wedding look.




Though Bengali brides mainly cover their hair and head with a Dupatta or  “Orna” as they call in Bengal, on their marriage day, many girls prefer a little different hair style on their D-Day.

So, today I’ll be listing out 5 most beautiful Bengali bridal hair styles.

The traditional Bun:


Bengali Bridal Hairstyle


Traditional Bengali Indian brides are often seen with normal hand buns which are decorated by beautiful flowers and hair accessories. The Bengali bride looks no less than a princess in this traditional hairstyle. The front portion of the hair is often puffed up for that voluminous look.

For tutorial on how to create buns click here

The pinned up buns:


Bengali Bridal Hairstyles


In pinned up buns, small quantity of hair are often pinned up on top of the head to create illusion of bun. This adds weight and volume to your look. This works great on women who don’t have enough long hair for the traditional bun look. This is a classic with a twist.

The decorative bun look:


decorative bridal bun hairstyle


Small portions of hair are twisted and swirled and then pinned to create a bun like illusion. Again, the hair is divide in three portions. Two small portions on the two sides are braided, and the middle portion is created into a bun. The two braids are then placed around the bun to give fuller and attractive look. Again a great hairstyle for women with short or mid length hair.

Embellished braids:


Embellished braids style


Though buns are the most commonly opted hairstyle by Bengali brides, the embellished braids are slowly making their place in our tradition as well. Decorated with flowers and hair accessories, these braided hairstyles look great on women with long hair. The normal braids can also be replaced with the French braids, they are easy to carry and looks classy and elegant. The braids then again can be made into a bun.

The Spanish updos:


Spanish updos bridal hairstyle


This hairstyle is created with half updo and half curly drops. Tie the upper portion of the hair in rolled up buns, swirls and puffed buns, then curl and drop open the lower portion. You can use different hair accessories to jazz up the whole look.

Bengali bride

Though buns happen to be the traditional hairstyle of Bengali wedding look, but different hairstyle can be opted for if you want a unique look for your day. Hope you liked the compilations. 🙂

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