5 Beautiful Bollywood Makeup By Micky Contractor



5 Beautiful Bollywood Makeup By Micky Contractor


Big events need superb makeup and our B-town divas know exactly where to head to for the purpose. The choice is Mickey Contractor who is also MAC’s brand ambassador in India. The actresses make a beeline for this makeup magician to transform their looks.

Mickey loves to do selected work and the effort shows up in every look he creates. He has done really amazing job with makeup in these looks-

Mickey Contractor for Aishwarya Rai


bollywood makeup by mickey contractor

When Aishwarya Rai walked the ramp for a trade show, her makeup became the talking point. No doubt, the Manish Malhotra ensemble was beautiful but Aishwarya’s makeup grabbed a lot of attention. The smoky eyes and minimal lips done by Mickey Contractor made Aishwarya look stunning. Love the perfect brows!

Mickey Contractor for Deepika Padukone


beautiful mickey contractor makeup

Mickey tried something unique on Deepika for this magazine cover and the look hit the right note. Heavy eyes and heavy lips are not easy to carry but a look at this picture will make you understand why Mickey is called the master of makeup. Bronze eyeshadow with burgundy lips and mega-lashes made this look Wow!

Mickey Contractor for Kajol


bollywood makeup mickey contractor

Mickey brought out the best of Kajol’s features in this sultry look for ace photographer Atul Kasbekar. Kajol’s eyes talk in the picture and her lips are playing second fiddle but not without making a powerful impact. The base is flawless and perfect.

Mickey Contractor for Kareena Kapoor


mickey contractor makeup bollywood

The smokey eye expert made eyes subdued and highlighted Kareena’s full pout when she attended People’s choice Awards. Her chiselled face looks even more attractive with hair pulled back. All credit goes to makeup which has been done without a single mistake. Love how natural her face looks. Great Contouring! Can you spot the blush?

Mickey Contractor for Shilpa Shetty


mickey contractor bollywood makeup

Simple eyes with berry lips were Shilpa’s look when she walked the ramp a few years back. Lips are doing all the talking and the rest of the look is amazingly flawless. The arches are to die for and the cheeks look stunning.

Which is your favorite look?

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  1. He even made kajol luk bful.. dt must have been a task… for sum reasons i never find her bful though she is a gud actress


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