5 Beauty Secrets of Pakistani Women



5 Beauty Secrets of Pakistani Women

The human race has been obsessed with beauty, and this seems like forever, ever since Adam had a bite on the apple. Each country have it’s own definition of what attributes are used to define beauty.

Pakistani women are blessed with flawing complexion, sharp features and lustrous tresses.


beauty secrets of Pakistani woman


Traditions and culture helps Pakistani women preserve the quality of their hair and skin. The traditional veil keeps their skin protected from dust, pollution and the harsh sun rays when venturing out of home. Yes, there are scientific reasons too.

So I am here today with 5 beauty tips that most of Pakistani women follow.

Splash water:

It is said that even 1500 years ago, Prophet Muhammad bathed with fresh water while his stay in Arabian desserts. Water was scarce, but he didn’t compromise with cleanliness. Even today, Muslims throughout the world wash their faces, arms up the elbows and feet meticulously in order to be in a state of cleanliness for the daily prayers. No wonder splashing the face regularly so many times a day removes dirt and grimes, improves skin texture and gives a glow. No wonder Pakistani women have such great skin.



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Kohl plays an important part in their beauty regime. Accentuating those beautiful eyes with homemade kajal is an old custom of Pakistani households. Traditionally kajal were made at home with ghee and soot. But with time and so many beauty brands around, kajal/kohl that are pigmented and smudge-proof have become favorites of Pakistani beauties. They say that homemade kajals soothe tired eyes and keep eye infection at bay.

Morning Detoxification:

A glass of lukewarm water help in detoxifying our system.

The Prophet Muhammad once said, “By HIM in whose hand is my soul, eat honey. For there is no house in which honey is kept for the angels will not ask for mercy. If a person eats honey, a thousand remedies enter his stomach and a million diseases will come out. If a man dies and honey is found within him, fire [burning of hell] will not touch his body.”

The prophet himself used to drink a glass of honey and water each morning on an empty stomach.

Traditional oil wrap:

Massage skin with essential oils and wrap with a hot towel. This is a traditional sauna which is practiced since time immemorial. Sorry, I don’t really remember the name of the process, but I learnt this from a Muslim friend of mine. She used to mix different oils and essential oils as per her need and choice, massaged it on skin for 15-20 minutes and wrapped a hot towel afterwards. It gave her skin an impeccable healthy glow.

Hair care:

Since the hair remains cover most of the times, the harmful effects which are caused by exposure to the sun and pollution, can be somewhat reduced. The gorgeous tresses are result of hot oil treatment, proper cleaning and conditioning.

Henna is considered holy in Islam. So applying henna on hair is pretty common among Pakistani women. Henna is mixed with curd or tea liquor and applied to hair to achieve a rich red brown color. It also nourishes and adds shine to hair.

These are some of the beauty secrets of Pakistani women. Even we should follow them to have flawless skin and gorgeous hair. What say ladies?

Did you know about these beauty secrets of Pakistani women?

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