5 Beginners Tattoo Designs



5 Beginners Tattoo Designs


So girls! Got a tattoo? Not yet? If you love tattoos and can tolerate a little pain then why not go for it. Tattoos look lovely and give you a new look. You must always get inked at a well known tattoo parlour. When you are ready for tattoo then comes the time to select a body-part where you are comfortable with the presence of a tattoo. Next step is to select a design and these can help you-

Back Tattoo for Beginners


beginner tattoo design

Back is one of the safest place to get a tattoo. If you are new to tattoos then you may not like big patterns or it may seem too attention-grabby. This cute little sunflower is perfect for you. If you are not into sunflowers then simply get another flower of your choice on your back.

Tummy Tattoo for Beginners


beginner tattoo designs

If you have decided to go bold on your first outing itself then belly is a good option for tattoo placement. A music symbol, flower or butterfly can be good choices for you. You can get a tattoo on side of belly or near your navel.

Finger Tattoo for Beginners


beginner tattoos

Snap those fingers when you have a tattoo on. Get funny lines inked or go for some artsy pattern on your finger. Tattooing rings is also a very popular option but this ‘shhh’ is really unique.

Neck Tattoo for Beginners


beginners tattoo

You can place tattoo on necks at various places. A tattoo can be made on the nape of neck, on the sides or the front of neck. Jewellery patterns are quite common for neck tattoos. Again you have many more options when it comes to design and this one here can be a good choice.

Foot Tattoo for Beginners


behinner tattoo

Bows, anklets and words are very popular designs to adorn feet. Select a line that inspires you or anything fun. Anklets can be floral or geometric. Bows are favourite among girls and look very lovely.

Have you got a tattoo on your body?

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