5 Benefits Of Castor Oil For Your Eyes


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Castor Oil is one of the most underrated oils for our skin and hair but slowly it is getting its due in the beauty world. The thick oil that has been used since ages in numerous health and beauty benefits can be a great oil for treating eye problems, both internal and external. Here in this post, we list the 5 major uses of castor oil for your eyes which I feel one should know as this oil is widely available and very affordable. 🙂

5 Benefits Of Castor Oil For Your Eyes

Accentuates eyelash and eyebrow growth: It is a well-known fact that Castor Oil induces eyelash and eyebrow growth in all the people. Apply it regularly and see the difference within a month of usage.

Prevents dark circles and wrinkles: Applying castor oil topically all around your eyes help prevent dark circles and wrinkles. It helps to nourish the skin and relieves dryness. This helps to make the skin around the eye softer and brighter.

Prevents cataracts: Castor Oil is one of the best remedies to naturally dissolve cataract issues which are as old as 3-6 months. The oil clouds vision for a while and so it is preferable to apply at night.

Cures dry eyes: If you can use castor oil in your regular eye drop, it will cure the problem of dry eyes. It will moisturise your eyes and will nourish them.

Prevents eye infection: Castor oil is anti-bacterial which means that you can apply this oil on your eyes and help prevent various eye infections like conjunctivitis. It soothes the eyes and helps getting rid of many eye problems.

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