5 Benefits Of Night Cream



5 Benefits Of Night Cream

As you rest your tired eyes, night creams work hard to restore your tired skin, fighting fine lines and wrinkles with their amazing power different vitamins, oils, essential oils, Aloe Vera, AHAs , antioxidants and a wide variety of other ingredients. When you choose the right night cream, you can rest peacefully knowing that each and every ingredient is specifically chosen to stimulate collagen, relax facial muscles, and even fade dark circles.


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Basically during the day our skin is in protection and fighting mode, while at night, when we sleep, our skin too takes rests and it repairs and regenerates. To make the most of the rest mode of our skin, night creams come into play, it assists the skin to repair at night while we sleep.

So today I’ll be talking about some awesome benefits of night creams to help you fight your skin adversities.

Deep nourishment:


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You can also say deep moisturizing or ultra-hydrating. Night creams are rich in emollients which help in restoring and moisturizing the weary skin. They are thicker than the usual day-creams thus helps in providing the nourishment which skin needs after all sun damage and pollution stress.

Say bye-bye to wrinkles:


nature's co white tea night cream review + natural night cream


Wrinkles have an inexplicable way of creeping up on you when you least expect them. However, you don’t have to dread facing the mirror if you apply vitamin E enriched night cream. The amazing formula works with your skin’s natural abilities to repair itself in order to fade those wrinkles fast, restoring and rejuvenating your skin while you sleep. They not only help in fading them, but also help in preventing their reappearance.

Reduces the appearance of pigmentation and spots:


neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair night cream review


These can also be signs of ageing. Regular use of right night cream that contains Vitamin C and AHAs, can help in reducing their appearances.

Improving skin elasticity:


neutrogena light night cream review+ neutrogena light night cream


A stressful life and many other external factors take a toll on our body and skin starts loosening up. Try night creams for these skin tightening benefits. They help to revive ageing skin and make it firm again. Go for a night cream that is rich in collagen, hyaluronic acid, retinoid and glycerine.

Eliminate stress:


Oriflame Optimals Matte Touch Night Gel-Cream


Forget everything and use a night cream just to enliven your tired and stressed skin and also to make yourself look fresh and beautiful. There are days when despite of removing makeup the night before and applying a mere lotion/cream, I wake up with a dull and stretchy skin the next morning. So in addition to your regular skin care routine, use night creams for that relaxed and glowing skin in the morning. Tried and Tested 😀

A gentle massage on the face with your favorite night cream before bedtime is a perfect way to end to long hectic days. So invest in a good night cream as per your need and choice and see the magic yourself.

NOTE:- And it should be noted that any skincare product needs time to show their results. So be patient. 🙂

Stay young, Stay beautiful 🙂

Do you use night creams? Which is your best night cream?

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  1. Hey…. could you help me in finding some good night cream. I am in my mid twenties n frustrated with smile lines n crow feets. I have tried many of them as neutrogina, lakme, n loreal, but nothing is working for me, so please suggest me some good serum n night cream my skin is normal with slightly oily t zone.


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