5 Benefits Of Using A Loofah


5 Benefits Of Using A Loofah

We all know what loofah is. Is it????

I guess not. Loofah is often mistaken or rather should I day there is a myth that prevails about natural loofahs. These long fibrous loofahs were believed to come from a sea creature but that’s not true. Loofah actually comes from a plant called Luffa which belongs to the gourd family. The plant leaves a durable network of fibers, which are treated and dried to result in a mildly abrasive scrubber called LOOFAH.


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There are various loofahs available in market, some natural and some made of artificial nylon fibers. Specifically for various body parts you can choose for different types of loofahs, like back loofah for back which is a little extra abrasive in nature, a face loofah which comes in a small circle shape which is less abrasive nature.

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Loofah in the ancient years was a well kept secret only for the rich women but now over the years these have become common and are easily available. But choosing on a good quality loofah is not easy. There are a lot of brands that sell loofahs and choosing the best one gets a little confusing.

Recently Anamika reviewed and did a video about Loofah from The Body Shop and has rated it 4/5 which is pretty great. She loves this loofah a lot in comparison to the ones which were earlier present in the Indian market, you can pick it in case of confusion, you can check out the review here.

Now that you a little about loofahs, let me tell you all about the benefits of using a loofah.

Effective cleaning

Loofah is made of fibrous soft net-like substance which helps you to scrub your body. Gentle motions on different parts of your body will help remove the bacteria, sweat and also dirt particles settled in the pores of your skin. A loofah cleans the body thoroughly well leaving it refreshed.

Skin exfoliation

Regular exfoliation is a must for keeping your body healthy and glowing. Loofah is a natural method for exfoliation. Regular exfoliation of loofah aids in removal of dead, dry & flaky skin cells, these if allowed to stay on skin may make you skin look ashy and dull.
Regular exfoliation allows newer and brighter skin layers to shine and stay healthy & glowing.

Retains softness

Loofah is just mildly abrasive in nature and not tough on your skin. It just removes dead skin and dirt from skin; which helped maintain and make your skin texture & retain its softness making your skin look soft, healthy and glowing.

Improves Blood Circulation


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Exfoliating with loofah is therapeutic and it improves blood circulation. The circular motions in which you use loofah stimulates the small capillaries that are located close to the surface of your skin, these capillaries expand which means that more blood flows near the surface of your skin. This also energizes your body, releases stress and anxiety and leaves you relaxed and calm.

Helps Lathering

This is an economic benefit actually. Rubbing on shower creams or gel with only hands cannot give enough lather, which in turn at times results use of excess shower gels/ creams. While using a loofah just a tiny bit shower cream does the trick for you and lathers up really well.

So these were some benefits of using a loofah. You should use loofahs on a regular basis but do not forget to change after every two months or your loofah might just develop bacteria.

An amazing scented bath with a loofah, fragrant bubbles, rich shower cream and a hot water tub is all you need for a perfect bath experience or should I say a luxurious bath experience.

Do you use a loofah for bath?

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