5 Best Anti-Tan Face Packs



5 Best Anti-Tan Face Packs – Tanning is a huge problem especially in the hot weather. There are several remedies for tan removal- homemade or otherwise but if you don’t have much time, you can try using readymade anti-tan face packs. here are our top 5 picks-

Fab India Lemon And Mint Face Pack

Price- INR 275


best tan removal face pack

Pack comes in a round china clay pot with a flat black colour wooden cover which looks attractive. It removes tan and makes skin soft with regular use. Pack dries fast and has a very strong mint fragrance. It does not make skin feel parched. It cleanses and lightens the skin. Quantity of product is good and lasts long. It is recommended to those who get tanned often, need good cleansing and do not have sensitive skin.

VLCC Anti Tan Pack

Price- INR 175


best tan removal pack

This pack has creamy consistency but it is not very thick and is easy to apply. The fragrance is mild and pleasant. It reduces tanning and also shows immediate results. The packaging is travel-friendly and the pack is easily available. This pack works gently and does not sting. The pack is easy-to-use and has herbal ingredients.

NatureÒ€ℒs Essence Aromatherapy Lacto Tan Clear Sun Tan Removal

Price- INR 145


tan removal pack for face

It is very effective in removing tan. It makes skin smooth, bright and nourished. It has powerful ingredients like milk proteins, honey and geranium oil. The pack is economic and travel-friendly. It does not sting.

Lotus Detan Face Pack

Price- INR 185


best tan removal pack in india

This face pack reduces tan effectively with regular usage. It instantly brightens up the face. It does not sting and makes skin soft. It does not make skin stretchy. It is affordable and easily available. The tube packaging is hygienic and travel-friendly.


Sattvik Sun Ban Remedy for Tan Removal

Price- INR 249


tan removal pack

This pack removes tan in a few uses. It makes skin soft and glowing. It does not dry out the skin and has a pleasant smell. The pack is hypo allergic and can be used daily. It will suit all skin types. It is 100% organic and there is no animal testing. The pack is creamy and easy to spread.


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  1. Please suggest best tan removing one for men.because I too suffer due to tan because of traveling in bike often.fully tan in face and hands.


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