5 Best Celebrity Tattoos



5 Best Celebrity Tattoos

Tattoos, over the time, have become an expression of one’s innate feelings. Tattoo making or Body art as it is called now, had its origin in tribal ritualistic practices in different nomadic and settled tribes around the world. From its humble origins to the modern day’s sophistications that it has achieved, body art still remains a medium to express oneself using its body as a canvas.

So today I’ll be listing 5 celebrities who flaunt some eye-catching body art.

David Beckham


David Beckham Celebrity Tattoos


I don’t understand much of football, but I definitely “understand” David Beckham. I still remember the first time I saw him on TV and my heart stood still. Ohh, miss those crazy teenage days. From his incredible moves to his fashion style, from his hairstyle to his Celtic Tattoo which played peek-a-boo with the hearts of his million fans, everything seemed so fascinating. Just to let u know that David Beckham’s neck art is a Celtic-type cross that parallels his spine leading up from his upper back to hair line.

Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie celebrity tattoo


The award winner Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is an ardent tattoo lover. She has almost a dozen tattoos on herself and some really interesting ones. The first picture shows numbers that geographical coordinate (longitudes and latitudes) the locations where her children were born. The second picture shows a 12-inch long Bengal tiger is situated on her lower back. And the third picture displays Gothic letter tattoo between her shoulder blades saying “Know Your Rights”.

Priyanka Chopra:


Priyanka Chopra tattoo


Our Bollywood diva got herself inked a few years back. Everybody knows that she is very close to her dad, and we are happy to see that she choose a tattoo dedicating the man of her life, her daddy.

Deepika Padukone :


Deepika Padukone tattoo design


She followed the trend of getting inked one’s lover’s name and thus had got Ranbir Kapoor’s initials inked on the nape of her neck when they were in a relationship and flaunted it gracefully even after their breakup. She recently got another tattoo around her ankle with initials “D P”.

Virat Kohli:


Virat Kohli body art


The heartthrob of today’s women around the globe, and he got his tattoo few years back. The Japanese samurai warrior adorning his left arm displays his rising confidence level both in his personal as well as professional life.

Enough inspiration??..!!..So what are you waiting for?? !! Rush rush rush..Your tattoos are waiting to adorn your body… 🙂

Do you have a tattoo?

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