5 Best Colorbar Lipstick Shades For Dark Skin Tones


5 Best Colorbar Lipstick Shades For Dark Skin Tones

Hello Beauties,

I am back with another lipstick suggestion post from the Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick range from which I got the awesome opportunity to try fifteen stunning and bold shades of lipsticks which had oranges, pinks, coral & red shades.

Well, I hope you checked out the stunning lip swatches of all the Colorbar lipsticks on Dusky Indian Skin tone. Today, I am here to present before you all the most apt shades for the dark skin tones. Although I don’t belong to the skin tone but still I think after trying these shades, I can easily state what shade is going to look good on the darker skin tones.

colorbar matte touch haul

So, here are the best bold shades that one can choose for themselves if they belong to the dark skin tone! 🙂

Colorbar Matte Touch Orange Vif

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This shade is undoubtedly a beautiful shade which will surely compliment the dark skin tone as it has a orange hue with prominent undertones of red shade. The shade looks more of a deeper orange shade and doesn’t look too bold for the deep skin color.

colorbar orange vif shade

Colorbar Matte Touch Rich Red

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Bold red shades are definitely one of the shades which any one can try picking up despite belonging to the dark skin tone or fair one, for that matter. Rich red tends to look beautifully matte on the lips and has a soft cool tone which doesn’t look too bright for the beauties with dark skin.

colorbar rich red shade

Colorbar Matte Touch Cherry Ice

One of the most preferred shade for the dusky and darker skin tone is this lovely shade which is more of a cherry shade with light nude pink undertones. I am sure this shade will beautifully compliment the dark skin tones and the shade is not too light that it will wash out the skin.

colorbar cherry ice hand swatch

Colorbar Matte Touch Pink Hunt

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This is a light wine shade with softer undertones of a mauve shade. The shade will end up looking gorgeous on the darker skin tones and won’t prove to be a lip shade that is too light for their skin.

colorbar pink hunt shade

Colorbar Matte Touch Electric Red

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Electric red as the name suggests is vibrant red shade without any orangish hint in it and tends to look appealing on the lips. The shade will look beautiful when paired with the right eye shadow and the lips will definitely look pouty and attractive.

colorbar electric red shade

I hope you liked these bold shades from the matte range of lipsticks. These lip shades are all matte ones and give a superb pigmentation in a single swipe, giving a decent look to the lips. The texture of these lipsticks is a little drying but a lip beneath won’t hurt anyone! 🙂

Check out this video to see our top favorite Colorbar Matte Touch Lipsticks for Indian skin tones

Have you tried these shades for Darker Skin Tone?

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