5 DIY Lip Scrubber Recipes



Hi All! Hope the summer season is not too harsh on you! Today I am bringing to you some Do-It-Yourself Lip scrub recipes which could help you make your lips and you even prettier! All the scrubs are easily made and are pretty useful for your lips. Do try them!

Scrub 1- Strawberry or cherry Flavored lip scrub

lip scrub

This one is pretty easy to be made and even easier to be used. For this scrub all you need is a few ingredients and 10 minutes of your time to prepare it. That’s it!

Ingredients needed Sugar, lip balm, Vaseline, lip gloss and petroleum jelly

Procedure: Take some lip balm in a cup. It could be flavored like strawberry or cherry whatever you may have. You can also take a flavored lip gloss or may be a neutral lip gloss. Add petroleum jelly and sugar to them in the cup and mix it. If you want it to be creamier, add more of gloss and less of sugar and if you want it to be coarse to scrub it better, use more of sugar. Mix it well until it attains the desired consistency. Put it in the lip balm container for best use later on as well. You are done with it and ready to use. Scrub it lightly on your lips and then rinse it off.

Scrub 2- Lemony lip scrub

lemony lip scrub

This one is one you might end up tasting more than scrubbing :P. Easy to make and nourishing to use.

Ingredients needed Sugar, lemon, coconut oil (1 tsp), honey (1 tsp)

Procedure: Mix all the ingredients, sugar being the last and in appropriate quantity as desired. Apply the same with a toothbrush for best coverage and scrub gently. Do not over scrub and you are ready for those sexy pouts!

Scrub 3- Coffee Scrub

coffee scrub for lips

This one is very interesting and would leave you wonder why you did not know about it earlier.

Ingredients needed Sugar (2 tbsp), castor oil (1 tbsp), Cocoa powder (1/2 tsp), coffee (1/2 tsp) and peppermint oil

Procedure: Add sugar and castor oil to a bowl. Beforehand, mix cocoa powder and coffee together. Mix the sugar and oil, then add this coffee and cocoa mixture to it with peppermint oil. Mix all of them together until you get the right consistency. You are done with the scrub. Store it and use it

Scrub 4- Totally Natural Scrub

Natural Scrub review

This one is very easy to make and purely natural.

Ingredients needed: Sugar (2 tsp), Honey (1 tsp), olive oil (1/2 tsp)

Procedure: Mix all the ingredients and use! Isn’t it easy? You can also use brown sugar and white sugar together. Then the proportion would be white sugar 1 tsp and brown sugar 1 tsp and rest everything stays the same. Brown sugar is a great exfoliator so you might want to try it!

Scrub 5- Sugary Scrub

sugaras scruser

You will love this scrub, it is very effective.

Ingredients needed Coconut oil (in lumps), honey, brown sugar

Procedure: As I mentioned above, brown sugar is a good exfoliator so this one is purely focused on exfoliation of your lips. All you need to do is to mix oil coconut oil (which should not be very hard or very soft) and honey together. Now add brown sugar to it in adequate quantity. You can store it and use it.

I hope you liked this informative post!

Check out this DIY scrub recipe and pamper your lips 🙂

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  1. You do not have to be depressed about it but trying is not bad..I have noticed that when we keep using these scrubs lip condition improves and pigmentation gets better.


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