5 Best Eyelash Curlers



5 Best Eyelash Curlers

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Eyelash Curlers need no introduction. There was a time when only makeup experts knew how to use eye lash curlers and understood the importance of these in enhancing your overall look but now over the past 4-5 years we have a new changed story; there is hardly any makeup lover who is ignorant of these important makeup tools.

Of course the million beauty blogs takes the credit of spreading the importance of eye lash curlers and letting us know who good these tiny tools are.

I am never done with my makeup session without using an eyelash curler, moreover I love using these even when I am not wearing mascara or any makeup.


Basicare Mini Eyelash Curler Review Usage+

Eye lash curlers give your eye lashes a curled up effect, making them look prettier and making your eyes look more awakened. There are basically two types of eye lash curlers, The metallic eye lash curlers and The tiny plastic eye lash curlers. We at Wiseshe have many eye lash curlers reviewed, and today I shall share with you all the best five eye lash curlers.

Have a look.

Coastal Scents Lash Curler


coastal scents lash curler review+best eye lash curler

Price: $2.50

This eye lash curler is made up of plastic and is light weight. You can use it before applying mascara as well as after application of the mascara without much of a hassle. There is an extra polymer band attached below it, so that it lasts for long and there is no early need to change the curler. It is travel friendly and decently priced.

Faces Canada Eye lash curler


Faces Cosemtics Eyelash curler

Price: INR 149

This is a metallic eye lash curler which has a smooth opening and its rubber pad is of a nice soft cushion quality which makes curling easy. One more extra rubber pad comes along with it. It really opens up eyes and is decently priced.

Inglot BP Lash Curler


inglot bp lash curler review+lash curler

Price: INR 240

This curler is very compact and can easily be carried in hand bags. This is made of plastic and comes with an extra pad which is tucked into the bottom curve of the curler.  It is really convenient to use and curls lashes effectively too. The only hitch is in curling the tinier lashes in the inner corner, but plastic curlers are made this way and it is always a task to curl tiny lashes in the inner corner, while the metallic curlers can be adjusted to curl tiny lashes.

The Body Shop Eyelash Curler


The Body Shop Eyelash Curler

Price: 425

This eye lash curler helps in leveraging right amount of pressure while curling. Rubber rim grips eye lashes gently without pulling or damaging them. So if you are a novice then this eye lash curler will prove to be your new lash friend. It has a long lasting curling effect and post using it mascara application too is easy.

Shiseido Eyelash Curler


shiseido eyelash curler

Price: $19

This is an eyelash curler from a higher end brand and is believed to be a true luxury. Beauty bloggers look really fascinated with this eye lash curler. It is perfectly contoured to ease usage and curls eye lashes to give a dramatically beautiful effect. It also includes a replacement rubber pad.

These were some great eye lash curlers which deserve to be tried at least once, and then there will be no looking back. We have lots and lots of eye lash curlers offered by many brands in the markets, but all that is offered can definitely not be the best always.

Which is your favorite eyelash curler?

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  1. I have a heated eye lash curler, but I think the regular ones does a better job, although I am always scared to use it when in hurry 🙁


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