5 Best Facial Exercises For Double Chin



5 Best Facial Exercises For Double Chin

Double Chins are so not cool to have. In the era of all HD pictures and selfies the sprouted double chins are not easy to hide till the time you master the art of Photoshop.

But on a second thought why do we need to try measures to hide a double chin, why not work in a better way to eliminate a double chin.

This sounds brilliant to me. After all it is not just the pictures, it is about how we look as a person and double chins are not flattering at all, infact they are very capable of adding oodles of ages to your face.

Facial Exercises are your friend here. Regular involvement of facial exercises in your daily routine does a lot more for you than just toning up.


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Try these exercises to tone up your chin and say bye to Double Chins:

Kiss the Roof

Stand straight with your arms hanging relaxed by your sides; now tilt your head in a way so that you look at the ceiling/ roof. Now just as you pass those so lovely pouts in your selfies, try kissing the roof by puckering your lips as much as possible. If you feel any tightening during this exercise near neck and chin, then you know that you are doing it right. Hold the roof kiss for 5-10 seconds and then relax. Repeat for 15 reps.

Tongue Press

Sit with your back straight and shoulders down. Now tilt your head in a way so that you can look the ceiling. Now forcefully press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

While keeping your back straight and maintaining the first step try lowering your chin towards your chest, as close as possible. Now relax. Make such 20 reps.

Pout and Tilt

In a sitting position, move out your lower lip as far as you can while you form a pout. Now while you pout place a finger on your chin, your skin should get wrinkly now. Hold on this pose for a second and now without rounding your upper back, with your lip out contract the front muscles of your neck so as to lower down your chin towards your chest. Pause for another two seconds, now relax your lips and return to the starting posture.
Repeat for 20 times.

The O

So again start with a back straight sitting posture. Tilt back your head so that you face the roof. Now form a “O” with your lips. Hold onto this position for 20-30 seconds. Relax and return back to the starting pose.

Make twenty reps of this

Jaw Release

This exercise is quite popular for toning chin. Do as you like, either while sitting or while standing, just make it a point to maintain a straight back throughout the exercise. Now with your back straight, move your jaw in an up- down movement just as you chew a chewing gum. Keep your lips closed while you move your jaw and inhale deeply through nose and exhale slowly while humming.

Just as you exhale wide open your mouth, as wide as you can. While you open your mouth keep the tip of your tongue gently pressed behind your teeth. The total process of this exercise should at least take a minimum of 90 seconds.

While you do all the above exercise, a little tightening is obvious to feel, but in the process do not overstrain your neck. Challenge your flexibility gradually and do not force yourself.

Do the exercises and smile your way shooing away the double chin.

Do you have more exercises for double chin to share?

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